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Guests in the nursery

The monthly topic throughout May was on Music and Sound. The children experimented with playing percussion instruments, made their own guitars, tambourines and shakers, learnt about how sound can be changed from loud to quiet; from quick to slow, they listened to each other’s favorite pieces of music and enjoyed meeting real musicians who came […]

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Story tellers

Early Explorers met singer Monica Anghel, when she came to read Farmer Joe, about a band of animal musicians. She told the children about how she loves to sing and tell stories to her son and that they too should follow their passions in life!

After singing a song to Early Explorers, they sang “I am […]

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Africa Day

On Friday we celebrated Africa Day – all about this fascinating continent with vibrant colors, lively music and rhythms and exciting wildlife! The children watch informational clips of a wide range of different animals and birds, such as giraffes, elephants, lions, ostriches, zebras, antelopes, parrots and eagles and danced to lively drum rhythms.
Thank you for […]

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World Turtle Day

This week the children celebrated a special day: World Turtle Day!

They  found out special facts about these interesting creatures, such as where they live, how far they swim, how they move etc.

To celebrate ‘The World Turtle Day’, Early Explorers worked on a team project designing a giant turtle shell which they decorated using different collage […]

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Shiny Stars’ trip to the farm

Shiny Stars had a beautiful sunny morning at the farm, where they found out how a cow is milked, they were able to feed the animals, touch their fur and find out how they are looked after.

A great way to experience first hand what they had learnt in the nursery about animals, their needs and […]

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Rainbows’ trip to The National Military Museum

The focus during Rainbows trip to the National Military Museum was that we should learn from history and remember to be kind to each other in order to have a peaceful world.

They had the chance to learn about personal stories of Famous Romanians behind the aircrafts they saw ( Aurel Vlaicu, Henri Coandă) and discussed how […]

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Early Explorers’ trip to The National Technical Museum

Early Explorers went on a trip to the National Technical Museum where they discovered how a mine looks like, how precious stones are extracted and how temperature can be measured. They were also shown a steam train model and had the chance to find out about the first electric trains!

Their favorite part was when they […]

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How to support a child – freedom vs. direction

Parents want their child to be successful in as many areas as possible, while children want very much to please their parents – so much so that they sometimes end up doing things that they really don’t like yet are afraid to say so. They can end up taking subjects that they don’t identify themselves […]

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Shy children: 10 tips for parents

Each person has their own temperament and their own way of seeing the world. This characteristic is inate and you can discover from the first interaction with a child whether they are shy or outgoing.
Outgoing personalities are noisy, make friends easily and share toys with others while shy children are timid, preferring to spend time […]

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Fruity Friday

Our special day last Friday was Fruity Friday!

Based on a concept which was originally launched by The World Cancer Research Fund, the aim of this day was to encourage children to eat fruit and vegetables as part of a healthy balanced diet, to find out more about less common fruits and to investigate using senses […]

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