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Acorns Nest Box Week

This week was Acorns Nest Box Week! Based on a UK event, it was an excellent opportunity for the children to learn about birds, how they make nests and lay eggs (in connection to the topic changes in animals), different types of birds and where they live and the importance of trees and forests.

Our special […]

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Environment Day

This week we celebrated Environment Week in Acorns, by including both World Forest Day and World Water Day! From now on, we will focus very much on nature, the environment and its effect on people and vice versa. This focus will include the Green Fair on 12th April when you will be able to join […]

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Bake Sale

Our first Bake Sale was a great success! Each group in the nursery made delicious cakes during this wonderful activity which was also linked to the theme of reading, in addition to our Book Week event!

Baby Acorns made banana muffins related to the Monkey Puzzle story, Shiny Stars prepared Ginger Biscuits while being inspired by […]

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St. Patrick’s Day

Last Friday, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with typical Irish music, dance, symbols and stories and we invited our children to come dressed in green on this special day! All the activities were based on the green colour, leprachauns, Irish symbols, music and dancing.

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Changes in the Weather

Last week we began our new topic for March, which is on Changes, starting with Changes in the Weather.

Baby Acorns learnt the song What is the Weather Today? and signs from EYSL for the words associated with this time of year: sun, rain, yellow, green, blue, cold, warm etc. They used headphones to listen to sounds of […]

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International Women’s Day

On behalf of all the team, a big thank you for all the lovely flowers, Spring gifts and chocolates that we received for the 1st of March! We really appreciate your thoughtfulness and wish you all a very Happy Spring!

Last weeks’ special day was International Women’s Day! The aim of this day was to celebrate […]

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One teacher to every 4 children

As in industry and technology, trends also exist in education – some come and go while others have a longer life depending on the principles on which they are based.

One such principle which meets with a lot of approval from specialists is “a teacher to 4 children”. In short, this strategy means that the days […]

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Read with your Child – 5 surprising advantages

At a time when children are passionate about virtual reality in video games, specialists draw our attention to how reading has enormous benefits while parents can do much more for their children than simply telling them to read. Valentina Secara, the founder of Acorns Nursery and initiator of a story telling programme in the nursery […]

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Evaluation in early education

As a parent, you ask yourself many times what career your child will choose and how you’ll be able to help him/her reach their potential.

In order to make sure we make the right decision for our children, experts in education encourage us to reflect on their progress at regular intervals, from birth.

In the first months […]

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Multicultural Context: how does it influence our children’s future?

Ideas connected to multiculturalism are commonly found in today’s society. Nowadays it is rare to not meet people from different cultures compared to our own, while education of the next generation related to understanding and accepting those around us is recommended to begin from the early years.

Preschoolers are most receptive to this type of education, […]

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