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Relaxing and Educational Activities at the Seaside and at the Mountains

Everything changes once children enter our lives. Even holidays. They become more colorful, happier and more active. Children have the power to gives us lots of energy and joy and even one hour of healthy playing for the children can do a great deal of good to the parents’ mood.

How can playing be good for […]

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20 Activities for a Fun Holiday at Home

If you are a parent with a busy work schedule, your days off are a real joy and an opportunity to have fun, even at home. The time spent with your child is valuable for both of you, especially if you opt for recreative and educational activities.
Early education specialists tell us that the child’s recreative […]

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Acorns Donation for the play room in Fundeni Hospital

Helping others is one of the values that children in Acorns are taught about 
For#WrongTrousersDay, they had the chance to bring a ray of hope for the ill children in Fundeni Hospital. Their donations supported Touched Romania to equip the play room in the Pediatric Oncology Department

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Valentina Secara – keynote speaker at the Pediatric Somnology Conference

The 4th edition of the National Conference of Pediatric Somnology, “A Healthy Sleep, a Healthy Child”, took place in Bucharest from June 30 to July 1, 2017, being the natural result of the scientific manifestations of the previous years and of the increasing interest in our country for pediatric somnology.

The event is organized annually by the […]

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Last week of term

We wanted to finish in a high note this term, so each day of the last week had a different theme:

Monday – Sports day: A day dedicated to music and sport outside: zumba, aerobics, dance. Children were encouraged to enjoy healthy lifestyle, by being active in different ways, combining music with movement in various ways (increasing […]

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Acorns Staff Evaluation

In Acorns we value all our staff and place a strong focus on encouraging each one’s professional development through training, feedback and team building. At the end of each school year each member of staff has an evaluation meeting during which they have the opportunity to reflect on what they have learnt and how they […]

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Super Hero Day

On Super Hero Day the children discussed what powers super heroes have and how these are used to help others, how they are brave, strong, kind – and how these are qualities that everyday heroes have too such as the police, firefighters and even us! We all have a hero inside…

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Rainbows Summer Show

Rainbows Summer Show told the story of The Very Grouchy Ladybird, which illustrated some of the ways in which the children have learnt about their feelings this year and how to be kind to others. They clearly enjoyed every moment as the characters had been self chosen and the music matched each character’s mood as […]

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Shiny Stars Summer Show

We celebrated a very successful and fun day with Shiny Stars at their summer show. The children told us the story of How the Elephant got its Trunk – through actions, songs and dance. it was a great show, full of laughter, smiles and colour!

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Early Explorers Summer Show & Graduation

Summer Show in Acorns Nursery are planned by the teachers according to the children’s interests and qualities and they are good opportunities for the children to share with their parents some of the things that they have learnt during the year, through story, dance and song – all in a happy and relaxed summer atmosphere […]

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