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Trip to Ferma Animalelor

In Acorns we believe in creating opportunities for the children to explore the real world, thus our extracurricular activities are an extension of our weekly themes. Shiny Stars had their first trip to Ferma Animalelor; having learnt about animals and their habitats in the nursery. During their trip they met and interacted with a variety […]

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Baby Acorns Christmas Party

Children and parents enjoyed a wonderful party in the nursery which began with a special Christmas party snack and then continued with festive activities. The children and their guests enjoyed physical games such as throwing balls into a cut out tree, dancing with balls, ribbons and pom-poms, playing with pretend snow or red and green […]

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Acorns Aviatiei Christmas Preparation

In Acorns Aviatiei, the children enjoyed a festive atmosphere with lots of music and Christmas related activities. We started off our Christmas season by decorating our Christmas tree together with parents and children, and turning on the Christmas lights. Throughout the month the teachers prepared a collection of festive activities, designed to keep the children […]

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Costume Parade in Early Years

Each year we hold a special costume parade when the children love to come dress up and have a great time doing it.

Our nursery was visited by princesses, super heroes, cartoon characters and skeletons! It was a fun and lovely morning, and together we decorated the rooms, danced, sang and clapped for each other in […]

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