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How to stimulate a baby’s intelligence and what is the right age to start?

By the age of 4, a child’s brain develops more than we could have imagined, reaching 80-90% of its size. Moreover, between 0 and 2 years, the brain triples its size, which happens especially due to the growth of neural connections. This period of intellectual “boom” significantly impacts the intelligence of the future adult. That […]

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Verbal intelligence: from what age can we stimulate it and how?

Did you know that your child’s success at school also depends on the volume of words he/she will hear every hour, by the age of 3? Moreover, did you know that by mastering language they will be able to express their feelings, needs and desires, which will reduce the frustrations caused by misunderstandings, that lead […]

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Why is early education important and how it influences IQ and EQ?

Should we send the child to nursery or not? While there is the belief that during the first three years, the child’s needs are limited to eating, hygiene and unconditional family affection, early education proves to be particularly important for intellectual development (IQ), emotional (EQ) and social development of children. Experts in early education and […]

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Visual intelligence: from what age can we stimulate it and how?

Early education plays an important role in preparing our children for adult life. In order to succeed in such a complex environment, parents and teachers must pay special attention to the development of all types of intelligence, both intellectual and emotional or creative.

As part of creative intelligence, visual intelligence can be stimulated to become a […]

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Why choose a British style nursery for my child?

British preschool education has gained a worldwide reputation for its quality and is recognized and respected throughout the world. One of the advantages of the British model is the focus it places on developing skills that will later help adults to cope with the environment in which they live and work.

We talked to Fiona Duţu, […]

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5 sensory games ideas to stimulate children’s senses

When we talk about early education, we also talk about activities that we can do with children to engage their senses and make them discover new things about the surrounding environment. Such an activity is sensory play. It should be introduced for babies aged 5 to 6 months because it offers opportunity for exploration while […]

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Adult behaviour that negatively impact children’s development

More than we can imagine, adult behavior has a major influence on children’s development.

According to a study published in the Open Journal of Modern Linguistics in 2012, family contribution is extremely important in acquiring skills that are later necessary in adult life.

Researchers have shown that in primary school, having support from parents favors reading more […]

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Six Lessons for Early Years Education in the 21st Century

It is true that more and more educators and parents are aware of the need to develop skills in children that are very important later on, in their adult life, such as: critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and emotional intelligence.

A quality early education, in line with children’s needs and day-to-day reality, respects principles applied by […]

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Developing Mathematical Skills in Early Years Education

Did you know that between the age of three and five, children have a particularly complex and sophisticated potential to acquire mathematical abilities?

Douglas Clement, director of the Institute for Early Learning and Literacy at the University of Denver , spent most of his career studying and advocating for the early introduction of mathematical concepts in […]

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Storytelling Techniques in Early Years Education

If applied in a structured way, storytelling has a tremendous power to educate, to help children learn more quickly, acquire skills and develop a love for reading.

Whenever we want children to learn things more quickly, we ought to remember that wrapping an abstract concept in an exciting story makes its understanding and acquisition much easier. […]

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