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How to be a happier teacher

Being a teacher is a huge responsibility, and being a good teacher certainly requires a lot of work, energy and stress. All daily activities with children should be optimistic, but sharing your positive energy with everyone around you can be overwhelming at times. Therefore, it is important to set a rhythm and lifestyle that will […]

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How to incorporate technology in early years education

In a society where technology is used both at home and at work, finding a balanced way to provide small opportunities to explore and promote digital skills is essential. When technology is introduced in a controlled way in the educational environment and used in a specific and concise manner, it can support and achieve goals […]

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Development of mathematical skills according to age

Introducing mathematical concepts in early childhood helps children develop countless skills such as critical thinking, logical and spatial intelligence. In addition, mathematical reasoning creates the foundation of success during school years and the development of key abilities in adult life. But maths means more than counting or memorizing formulas. When parents help their children explore […]

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Acorns Gala: 15 years of excellence in early education

Acorns Nursery marked 15 years since the inauguration of its first nursery, through a gala dedicated to performance in education and to the values that have contributed to the constant evolution of this entrepreneurial project launched in 2004: perseverance, enthusiasm, passion, gratitude. All these have guided Acorns’ steps towards this moment and have contributed to […]

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Separation anxiety. How to deal with this the right way

Separation anxiety is a natural stage, which begins with the development of the child’s mobility, around the age of 6 months, and intensifies between 12 and 18 months. The time of entering nursery or kindergarten is one of the moments when the separation protest strongly manifests. Most of the time, the child will hesitate and […]

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How to stimulate a baby’s intelligence and what is the right age to start?

By the age of 4, a child’s brain develops more than we could have imagined, reaching 80-90% of its size. Moreover, between 0 and 2 years, the brain triples its size, which happens especially due to the growth of neural connections. This period of intellectual “boom” significantly impacts the intelligence of the future adult. That […]

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Verbal intelligence: from what age can we stimulate it and how?

Did you know that your child’s success at school also depends on the volume of words he/she will hear every hour, by the age of 3? Moreover, did you know that by mastering language they will be able to express their feelings, needs and desires, which will reduce the frustrations caused by misunderstandings, that lead […]

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Why is early education important and how it influences IQ and EQ?

Should we send the child to nursery or not? While there is the belief that during the first three years, the child’s needs are limited to eating, hygiene and unconditional family affection, early education proves to be particularly important for intellectual development (IQ), emotional (EQ) and social development of children. Experts in early education and […]

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Visual intelligence: from what age can we stimulate it and how?

Early education plays an important role in preparing our children for adult life. In order to succeed in such a complex environment, parents and teachers must pay special attention to the development of all types of intelligence, both intellectual and emotional or creative.

As part of creative intelligence, visual intelligence can be stimulated to become a […]

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Why choose a British style nursery for my child?

British preschool education has gained a worldwide reputation for its quality and is recognized and respected throughout the world. One of the advantages of the British model is the focus it places on developing skills that will later help adults to cope with the environment in which they live and work.

We talked to Fiona Duţu, […]

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