I am sorry… But not really?

I am sorry… But not really?
As parents and educators, we try to teach children about the impact their actions have on different people. If a child has taken a toy from someone’s hand without asking or got frustrated and hit someone, we expect them to “fix it” and say sorry.
What lays behind the words “I […]

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Activities that calm, centre and help children to self regulate

Children, particularly those with special needs benefit from regular breaks throughout the day in order to help them focus, stay on track or to calm down so that can self regulate. Having to stay at a desk all day, as is usually the case in the average state school can be very challenging.

Today we share […]

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A Calmer Body

Relaxing games help children to find their calm after difficult moments or stress, they help them to find their energy, focus on tasks, get rid of muscle tension and adapt better to change.
Here are some simple and fun ideas:

Mindful body

Every child should get to know their own body, to be aware of each part […]

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What is transformative learning?

Transformative learning is the process of deep, constructive and meaningful learning that goes beyond the simple accumulation of knowledge and supports critical ways in which children consciously give meaning to their lives. It is the kind of learning that results in a fundamental change in our view of the world, as a consequence of the […]

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Time Spent with your Child: Quality rather than Quantity

Even in the midst of the pandemic we are still in the same whirlwind, working from morning to night, we have situations, things to resolve almost all day,  always something to repair, to arrange….and at the end of the day we are exhausted, with nerves extended to the maximum. If we also add feelings of […]

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Wellbeing or how to be well with yourself and others

Have you noticed that when you are in a good mood, when you feel in the zone it seems that everything goes smoothly and that you easily manage to resolve any situation whether it be connected to work or family.  Not even a piece of bad news manages to shake you!

The same happens in children. […]

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What is well-being and why do we need it?

Well-being is linked to a number of different benefits, including improved physical and mental health, faster recovery times after illness, a higher level of education, higher productivity and a healthier lifestyle.

According to the World Health Organization, well-being is “a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, and not just the absence of disease or […]

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Small Gestures with Big Effects for the safety of children in Acorns

Health is our greatest gift as we hear or even say ourselves sometimes. In order to keep or revive our health we are ready to spend vast amounts of time and money. Maintaining our health is actually far more simple than we think and we often fail to give due diligence to the small every […]

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To learn and to live are synonyms

Children follow the natural cycle. Nursery, kindergarten, school. They meet people, educators, teachers, who can change their lives thanks to goodwill, energy, well-being. Good educators are educators who are always looking for ideas and solutions. Activities and methods through which children can shine, can develop.

My youngest son is now in 1st grade. Two years ago […]

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2020, The Year of Transformation

The year 2020 proved that life means change and adaptation. And not just in any way but on the move, in quick steps. If some people have been left bewildered by what has been happening in recent months when everything entered the whirlwind of change and are still asking what is happening with themselves and […]

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