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Activities for my child’s free time

Which are the right kind of activities for my child? How can I help him/her discover their talents and develop to his potential? How many clubs should I plan in a week? These are questions asked by all parents when their child reaches 3-4 years old.
Fiona Duţu, Head Teacher in Acorns Nursery comes to parents’ […]

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‘The first teacher a child should have is his parent!’

Interviu cu Valentina Secară pentru Revista Copii și Părinți
 1.  Ce înseamnă, pentru dumneavoastră, Acorns Nursery?
Pentru mine Acorns a însemnat un nou început! A însemnat multă muncă, mult studiu, bucurii și dezamăgiri, alegeri din care am învățat, testarea propriilor limite și convingeri, nopți nedormite, oameni frumoși, dăruire și dragoste pentruc opii. Astăzi,Acorns Nursery înseamnă educație tinand cont […]

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Dough Disco

This month, some of our activities included two special elements:  disco music & playdough!

We also organized a wonderful event for our children, called Dough Disco! They had so much fun dancing on the rhythm of Disco music in our garden, while creatively folding with their hands fluffy dough balls. They even wore hats, extra-large sunglasses […]

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2 Grenadier Guards’ visit

Rainbows and Early Explorers had a surprise visit from 2 Grenadier Guards!

Lt. Ed Marmer and Sgt. Ben Middleton have been working with the Romanian army and dropped in to ACORNS so that the children could see the real Queen’s guards that they had learnt about earlier this month. The children tried on their bear skin […]

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Baby Acorns Summer Party in Aviatiei

We began our Summer Parties, which are fun and happy events for all the family when the children share favourite stories, songs, dances or learning experiences from this year in the nursery and we celebrate their achievements in an informal and happy atmosphere!

Baby Acorns prepared special summer activities and songs for their parents.

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Shiny Stars Summer Show in Aviatiei

Happiness and emotions this month in our garden from Aviației!

The children from Shiny Stars group showed their acting talent, in front of their parents, with the occasion of the Summer Show.

The children prepared a special story – ‘Commotion in the Ocean’, which includes happy sea creatures and a Rainbow fish.

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Father’s Day

Thank you to all the fathers who joined us in celebrating Father’s Day on this month!

There was a variety of games, activities and crafts in the garden for children to take part in with their Daddy, as a way of celebrating this special relationship and recognition of the important role that fathers play in their […]

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Shiny Stars’ trip to the Fire Station

Shiny Stars went on a trip to the Fire Station!

This has been one of our most popular visits from past years, as they remembered what they had learnt about firefighters from the topic  “People who help us”, they saw real firefighting equipment and got to sit in a real fire engine.

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Bike Week

Another event this month was ‘Bike Week’, when we invited the children to bring their bikes, scooters etc. to the nursery! All the children’s activities focused on wheels and circles by inside and in the garden.

Baby Acorns learnt about bicycle parts by painting them and washing them afterwards, made and observed paint marks left after […]

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Great British Garden Party

The main event this month was ‘British Weeks’, concluding with our Great British Garden Party!

‘A mighty oak was once a little Acorn’ was the message of this year’s event – during which we celebrated the growth of our nursery, as this was the first Garden Party since we opened our location in Aviatiei.

We celebrated it […]

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