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Choosing a Native Language in Multicultural Families

When it comes to raising children, most families face similar challenges: how can they provide a safe and beneficial environment for their children, which is the best/ right choice of nursery or school, and how can they pass on the healthiest principles so that their children grow up confident and open minded?

In addition to these, […]

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Scottish Day and Scottish Dance Workshop

Our children love to dance and to express themselves through music and movements, so we organised a special dance workshop for both School Years groups with Alina Petrisan who leads our gym and dance club. The children had the opportunity to learn a specific Scottish dance while having fun, interacting with each other and learning […]

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Radu Manolescu – Story Teller

Education is the power to think clearly, the power to act well in the world’s work, and the power to appreciate life, as Brigham Young used to say.

We appreciate and support educational projects, so Radu Manolescu, the founder of Asociatia pentru Valori in Educatie, was Early Explorers special guest for their weekly story teller time. 

He […]

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Kindness Day / Non-teachers Day

In October we celebrated all the teachers and in November we have a special day to say thank you to all the staff who work behind the scenes in Acorns, on Non-Teachers Day. 

We celebrated World Kindness Day too, when children had the opportunity to focus on the importance of being kind to everyone, of being […]

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Science Day – Science in Action

We all know children love to explore, to discover, in one word they love SCIENCE. Each year we encourage the children’s passion for science with special activities involving all their senses (touching, smelling, listening, feeling) aiming to boost their confidence and curiosity to try new things.  Baby Acorns were mesmerized when the teachers created a […]

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Early Explorers Trip to British Council Library

Augustine of Hippo used to say “the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”. 

Thus, children in Early Explorers had the chance to travel around the world while visiting the British Council Library. 

They found out what a library is, that there are different types of resources there apart from […]

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Rainbows Trip to Interactive Museum

Who doesn’t love science experiments, to explore and to discover new things? Rainbows love science so they had a great time on their trip to Oraselul Cunoasterii where they had a lot of fun exploring all the areas of the Interactive Museum.

It was the perfect chance to discover how different phenomena take place, how different […]

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Remembrance Day

Celebrated in the British community, Remembrance Day is an annual event in our nursery when we remember all those who have died serving their country in wars, by wearing poppies. On this special day, the children found out what it means to be brave, why it is important to be courageous. During circle time, they […]

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Bonfire Night

One of our traditions is to begin November with this special day celebrated by British people around the world. Baby Acorns had a lot of fun making fireworks footprint art using glitter, paint and happy feet.

Shiny Stars created their own Bonfire display using words such as boom, splash, explode, firework – a good opportunity for […]

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Costume Parade in Early Years

Each year we hold a special costume parade when the children love to come dress up and have a great time doing it.

Our nursery was visited by princesses, super heroes, cartoon characters and skeletons! It was a fun and lovely morning, and together we decorated the rooms, danced, sang and clapped for each other in […]

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