Since its beginning in 2006, ACORNS Foundation has set out to have an impact on the community, to support and create projects that focus on the child and his/her needs. Acorns Foundation has involved both parents and children in the chosen projects and has promoted the need for an active community, involved in serving as a role model for the children and their future.

Supporting children with cardiac issues

Starting from 2009 and based on WORLD HEART DAY we have supported the needs of children with cardiac issues through a partnership with the Children’s Heart Association and Marie Curie Hospital.
Each year, on World Heart Day the children in Acorns donate their weekly sweet and toy allowance to children admitted to Marie Curie Hospital pediatric heart surgery ward.
In 2009 children from the nursery went to visit the first pediatric heart section in Bucharest before it opened and also had the honor of meeting Doctor Cătălin Cristiveanu.
Ever since, we have kept in touch with the institution, we have supported the cause of these children through annual donations and we invite Acorns parents and collaborators to do the same.
In Acorns we believe that every child has the right to be healthy before he is taught.

Supporting children with hearing and sight impairments

In 2008 we started a collaboration with Light Into Europe, the organization that supports visual or hearing impaired children. Through ACORNS events such as Bonfire Night, the anniversary of when sign language was officially launched in the UK or Shades Day, we want to increase the level of awareness among Acorns families of children with special needs and of the way they can be supported in the community.
Meetings with Light into Europe representatives, Stan Platt and Camelia Platt, visits by adults with hearing or visual impairments and of guide dogs from Light into Europe that are trained to accompany visually impaired people, the learning of sign language by Acorns children, fund raising – these are the ways that we choose to get involved and support children with visual and hearing impairments in the community. It’s important that Acorns children know about the existence of these children and adults, to know how to relate to them and the actions that they can take part in, to support the community.

Fund raising for children of soldiers killed in the line of duty

Each year, in November, for one week the children of Acorns wear a poppy flower and offer financial donations. If in Great Britain the gesture is a sign of respect towards veterans and their families, in Acorns we acknowledge the fact that there are children among us whose parent has died on the front in Afghanistan or Iraqi and every year at least one child receives support from Acorns families, either material support (toys, clothes, medicine) or money, in order to let the family know that they are not alone and that happiness comes from small and unexpected things. So far 8 children have benefited from this support system – some of them for several years in a row.

Support for terminally ill children

Children suffering from incurable diseases in Marie Curie and Fundeni Hospitals and those in the care of Hospice Casa Speranței received the visit of a clown on behalf of Acorns children. This made them smile and reminded them that they are still children and can celebrate their childhood, despite their ailments.
Red Nose Day, Christmas and more have offered the Acorns children the opportunity to think of those less fortunate, to offer them a gift or a smile. Bubbles, face painting, acrobatics, magic tricks and presents have shone a light on these children. In Acorns we learn to share and help!

Supporting ”Childhood Books” project started by Curtea Veche Association

In 2015 and 2016 Acorns supported the ”Childhood Books” project set up by Curtea Veche Association. During several activities in the nursery – fairs, reading sessions, donations – children and parents in Acorns have come to know that there are communities in Romania where children don’t have books or libraries and who therefore lose the opportunity to dream, to imagine a better world and to develop their vocabulary. Acorns actions have led to fund raising that has allowed schools in 3 localities to be equipped with libraries for children.

Supporting “Every child in kindergarten” project initiated by OvidiuRo

2014 was the start of a collaboration concerning a project close to Acorns objectives: support for early education in Romania. The collaboration with OvidiuRo involved donating furniture, games and toys to children in poor areas.
In Acorns we set out to let our children know that there are others in Romania who do not have the opportunity to go to nursery, that they do not have clothes or toys but that we can change this through donations.
For World Animal Day Acorns children donated furry or plastic animal toys to benefit children in need. Further donations for furniture, through Acorns fundraisers allowed children from isolated areas in Romania to start attending kindergarten.

Support for children in need

In 2008 we started a collaboration with Touched Romania foundation through which we supported children in danger of being abandoned or in need at the Emergency Center for Abused Children and of abandoned babies in IOMC. Children in Acorns created several crafts which they then offered to their parents in exchange for donations.
Donations from Acorns parents became nappies, medicines, school supplies, clothes, hygiene products, sweets, etc. Each year via Touched Romania, we have managed to reach an impressive number of children in need – over 200.
The involvement of Acorns parents has demonstrated how people can contribute to children in need as part of a community and how important it is to change conditions, a destiny even for just one child and, more impressively, for groups.

0 2 3 Early Education

0 2 3 Early Education is a project set up by Acorns Foundation in 2008 through which we aim to promote and develop early education in Romania.
As part of the 0 2 3 Early Education project we produced 4 editions of the Baby Acorns calendar to promote the need for good quality education for children with ages between 0 and 3, featuring children in Acorns. Beneficiaries of this calendar found out what types of activities are best for children below the age of 3, what they develop and how they can be put into practice – while at the same time acknowledging the organizations that support early education in Romania.
Apart from printing and distributing this calendar we realized a pilot project of providing a state creche in Bucharest with good quality furniture, games and toys for the children and training the childcare staff. Furthermore, another 6 nurseries in Bucharest received donations of books, furniture, toys, tables and chairs – in order to create their own reading corners.
The training sessions for state crèches and nurseries later developed into the “Early Education Conference”, an event that so far totals 3 editions in Bucharest.
At the “Early Education Conference” trainers from several countries offer information, strategies, best practice examples to the participants, with Acorns Foundation offering the possibility to 80-100 state educators to take part in these sessions free of charge.
In 2012 Acorns Foundation initiatives were adopted by Acorns Training Center which then rebranded itself as First 7, Parents and Educators Coaching.
The 0 2 3 Early Education project goes on, currently under the First 7 umbrella