A better environment for the child

Everything we do at Acorns revolves around a single principle: the complete educational act. We are defined by the education we offer: we grow seamlessly together and we try to create a better environment for children and their future.

In order to make sure that we offer the little ones the best educational environment, at Acorns we’ve been using a system of values for over 10 years.


When daily activities include the first steps, first words and first discoveries, there is a need for an environment in which respect and love are omnipresent. Children can play and explore at will under the discrete supervision of our staff, who are completely involved in the care of each group of small children – that’s how everyone is the center of attention and has a voice worthy of being listened to.


If we want to be better every day, we need to remember that there’s always a new idea, a better plan, a magic story to tell. We are continuously adapting the English curricula to new generations and the rhythm of each child.That’s why at Acorns we do things today a bit better than yesterday and each child is an opportunity to learn something new and to prepare a better future.


The secret to personal development is the ability of quickly handling the changes of the time we live in. That’s why it’s important that children realize the fact that they are grownups in training and that their opinions and feelings are just as worthy as their taller counterparts.We teach children to be open to challenges, to be willing to share and to communicate without barriers or prejudice – ready to effortlessly join society.


At Acorns we do not have all the answers but by teaching children to ask themselves the important questions we help them develop self-confidence and to create a complete and coherent world view. That’s how the society we build will be better and in the future it will be ready for when children become grownups – when acorns become oaks.