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The Kindness Month

December is a festive month in Acorns with many activities happening in both of our nurseries! We started with switching on the lights on our Christmas Trees, an opportunity for parents, children and teachers to get together, decorate the Christmas tree, sing Christmas songs and officially begin the Christmas season in Acorns!

Our Christmas Fair in […]

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The importance of early years education

Acorns mission is to be more than a  nursery. We started 15 years ago with the aim of providing the best care and education for the children enrolled in our nurseries but also to be a role model, to make a mark on education and the community, to influence for the better the lives of […]

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Story Teller: Valentina De Piante Niculae

Valentina De Piante Niculae, Feldenkrais teacher was one of our story tellers in Popa Soare this month. Valentina read Snowflakes, a story about each of us being unique. At the end, they did a breathing exercise to help them be aware of the body-mind connection.

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Christmas Parties

The Christmas Parties are a celebration of Christmas, the end of the first term and of all the children’s achievements so far. Shiny Stars, Rainbows and Early Explorers gave life to a favourite Christmas story and danced to cheerful Christmas songs! Santa came to visit as well, with presents for everyone.  Baby Acorns celebrated this […]

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Trip to Church

Rainbows and Early Explorers in Aviatiei went on a special trip to visit the Anglican Church of the Resurrection, which has has become a traditional event in Acorns. The children had the chance to visit the “English” church, meet the priest who showed them around and talked about the story of St Nicholas, about the […]

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Romania National Day

Every year we celebrate Romania National Day with traditional costumes and music. This year, the children participated in a traditional Romanian dance workshop, Early Years explored traditional objects, found out the name of the country they live in and how this nationality is called and also painted a map of Romania. School Years presented their […]

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Story Teller: Alan Clark

In the week that we celebrate Scottish Day and St Andrew, we had a Scottish story teller in Aviatiei, Alan Clark. A good friend of Acorns, who always supports our projects, Alan read a story about appreciating your roots and your family. He also told the children that certain words sound different in Scottish and […]

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Story Teller: Martyn Birchall

The Story Teller project was initiated 7 years ago in Acorns for ages 5 to 6, with the aims of developing a love of reading among the children and giving them the opportunity to interact with a wide range of people. These experiences enable the children to find out about different jobs, life stories and […]

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Early Years Conference

The 5th edition of the Early Education Conference has ended! It was an extremely successful event which confirmed that partnerships built on an understanding of the importance of education can go a long way and accomplish wonderful things for the community. This year, we had 5 international experts, 140 participants from 38 localities in Romania […]

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Non Teachers Day

In Acorns we value the whole team: teachers and admin staff. Last month we celebrated Teachers Day and today we celebrated Non Teachers Day! The support offered by our cooks, cleaners, office and financial dept, business developer and driver is indispensable and each one of them makes important contributions towards creating and maintaining the high […]

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