Educational environment Big Acorns

Shiny Stars (age 3-4) need a space that is especially suited for their movements and discoveries, rich in objects that draw their attention and that stimulate the different stages of their growth.

The nursery environment is defined by different areas where children can safely play together with a grownup. We offer 4 rooms with different themes:

  • The Book room, reading corners and spaces for reading, building, and small world with the help of toys which represent real world objects.
  •  The Discovery room, sensory games, creative activities, playful investigation and manipulative play.
  • The Gym room, mattresses, tunnels, engaging music and space for dance and all kinds of movement.
  • The Big room, fitted with tables and chairs, perfectly suited for puzzles and board games. The role play corner stimulates children’s imagination and offers them a wide array of materials and costumes inspired by the land of fairytales.

Children spend time in every room, in small groups, based on a pre-established schedule. The resources are changed on a regular basis and selected according to children’s needs and interests.

In our School Years department (age 4-6), the environment is arranged to facilitate both structured play and an introduction to more formal learning activities. The children benefit from 4 rooms which are arranged to suit a range of purposes:

  • ICT room where children have the opportunity of developing their learning process in an interactive way with the help of computers, laptops or tablets.
  • Small World corner area that stimulates imagination and general knowledges, where children can play with a variety of resources that represent part of the real world.
  • Role Play corner dedicated to playing dressing up, acting out stories or everyday situations from their own experience and developing vocabulary.
  • Book Corner and Listening Centre offers children the chance to share books with their friends, to relax or to listen to stories on their headphones as they follow the text in the book.
  • Creative area dedicated to painting and drawing.
  • Manipulative area where children can experiment with different materials and textures while they develop their motor skills.

Outside area

The Acorns garden measures 1100 square meters. Children play outside every day (except when very wet or cold). Educators help the children get ready and are actively involved in their games, stimulating their social and physical skills in a safe environment.

The Acorns garden is divided into different areas:

  • Physical Area: equipped with tricycles and other wheeled toys where children receive the support they need in practicing coordination, balance and awareness of space.
  • Climbing Area: slides and ladders that help children develop self-confidence in their physical skills and muscle coordination.
  • Manipulative Area: children can experiment and interact with a variety of materials such as rice, water, pasta, flour, etc.
  • Sand Area: for building, digging, etc.
  • Workshop: a covered area where children take part in creative activities outside.
  • Quiet Area: equipped with pillows and blankets where children can relax, read books or play.
  • Grass Area: offers the children a reason to explore nature, to truly feel that they’re using their whole body.