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Small Gestures with Big Effects for the safety of children in Acorns

Health is our greatest gift as we hear or even say ourselves sometimes. In order to keep or revive our health we are ready to spend vast amounts of time and money. Maintaining our health is actually far more simple than we think and we often fail to give due diligence to the small every […]

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To learn and to live are synonyms

Children follow the natural cycle. Nursery, kindergarten, school. They meet people, educators, teachers, who can change their lives thanks to goodwill, energy, well-being. Good educators are educators who are always looking for ideas and solutions. Activities and methods through which children can shine, can develop.

My youngest son is now in 1st grade. Two years ago […]

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2020, The Year of Transformation

The year 2020 proved that life means change and adaptation. And not just in any way but on the move, in quick steps. If some people have been left bewildered by what has been happening in recent months when everything entered the whirlwind of change and are still asking what is happening with themselves and […]

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