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Storytelling Techniques in Early Years Education

If applied in a structured way, storytelling has a tremendous power to educate, to help children learn more quickly, acquire skills and develop a love for reading.

Whenever we want children to learn things more quickly, we ought to remember that wrapping an abstract concept in an exciting story makes its understanding and acquisition much easier. […]

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How Do We Teach Children to Accept Differences

We have learned from our parents, but also from society, how to talk and to behave. But few of us have had discussions in our family about cultural or racial differences. Maybe we haven’t even felt the need before, but times have changed. Now we sometimes work with people of a different nationality and children […]

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The importance of an emotional connection between teacher and child

Teachers, parents, grandparents and friends all agree on the importance of academic success, even from the first years of nursery. In the rush towards achieving good grades and favorable comparison with others, adults tend to forget one aspect which is just as important in a child’s development: his/her emotional well being.
According to a study published […]

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