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Best ideas to stimulate emotional intelligence in a technological age

Creativity, emotional intelligence and independence are basic skills that today’s generation should possess in order to know success both now and later in their personal and professional life. These aptitudes can be harmoniously developed with the help of some educational strategies that identify and celebrate the traits that make our children unique.

Interactive learning in a […]

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Story Teller: Alan Clark

In the week that we celebrate Scottish Day and St Andrew, we had a Scottish story teller in Aviatiei, Alan Clark. A good friend of Acorns, who always supports our projects, Alan read a story about appreciating your roots and your family. He also told the children that certain words sound different in Scottish and […]

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Story Teller: Martyn Birchall

The Story Teller project was initiated 7 years ago in Acorns for ages 5 to 6, with the aims of developing a love of reading among the children and giving them the opportunity to interact with a wide range of people. These experiences enable the children to find out about different jobs, life stories and […]

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Early Years Conference

The 5th edition of the Early Education Conference has ended! It was an extremely successful event which confirmed that partnerships built on an understanding of the importance of education can go a long way and accomplish wonderful things for the community. This year, we had 5 international experts, 140 participants from 38 localities in Romania […]

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Non Teachers Day

In Acorns we value the whole team: teachers and admin staff. Last month we celebrated Teachers Day and today we celebrated Non Teachers Day! The support offered by our cooks, cleaners, office and financial dept, business developer and driver is indispensable and each one of them makes important contributions towards creating and maintaining the high […]

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Early Explorers trip to the Senses Museum

While Rainbows were exploring the interactive museum, Early Explorers went on a trip to the MUSEUM of SENSES. It was an experience that challenged their senses and inspired them to discover more and therefore, feel more. The children experienced a world of sensations, optical illusions and tested their senses.

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Rainbows trip to Oraselul Cunoasterii

Related to Science Day, Rainbows in Popa Soare went on a trip to Oraselul Cunoasterii. It was the perfect occasion to learn about different types of mechanisms and forces . They enjoyed a fun learning experience: experimenting with lights and making objects fly, tested their speed abilities and experimented with tsunami simulation.

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Story Teller: Adrian Despot

Another inspirational story teller for Early Explorers in Popa Soare! Adrian Despot read the story The Gruffalo, a story about the importance of using our mind and not focussing on appearances. Adi also talked to the children about the importance of music in our life and that they should persevere in following their dreams and […]

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Fundraising Gala at Noblesse Palace

As part of our aim to support the educational system in Romania, we organised a fundraising gala at Noblesse Palace in November.

We were joined by wonderful people, who we would like to thank! Thank you to His Excellency The British Ambassador, Andrew Noble for attending! Thank you to Ascendis Choir for their inspirational moment! We […]

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Light Fair

Light Fair was a great success again! This year the children were inspired to reach for the stars and follow their dreams!

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