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Story Teller: Dean Edgar

One of our guest Story Tellers in January was Dean Edgar, owner of Moorcroft Services which provides relocation services for foreigners wishing to live in Romania.
Dean is one of our regular Story tellers and he enjoyed meeting the children now in School Years.

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Ski Camp

These little eskimos are the children from Acorns Nursery learning to ski. :) Sport disciplines them, help them to defy their fears and this camp was also a big step for their autonomy.

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Early Explorers Trip to Lemniko

Early Explorers went on a trip to Lemniko wooden toy factory, where saw how a piece of wood is cut, shaped and sanded into a toy and then they painted their own toy and took it home.

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Story Teller: His Excellency Mr. Paul Brummell

In Late January, we were honoured to have a very special guest in our nursery, as a guest Story Teller. His Excellency Mr. Paul Brummell, Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to Bucharest, read The Gingerbread Man to Early Explorers. The children were so enchanted by the way in which […]

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Australia Day

For Australia Day,  children learnt about this part of the world, about native animals, people, music and art. On this day, we welcomed Australia photos, souvenirs etc to help bring this day to life for the children.

Baby Acorns celebrated by exploring a sensory desert tray, filled with sand and Australian animals

Shiny Stars became aboriginal artists and created finger prints […]

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Penguin Awareness Day

For Penguin Awareness Day, children were invited to bring a penguin toy from home, to wear a T-shirt with penguins on it or to bring a penguin related book. Early Years learnt about how penguins look, move and eat while School Years found out where penguins can be found (their natural habitat), how they are […]

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Winnie the Pooh

One of the cuddliest special day in Acorns is Winnie the Pooh Day, celebrated on the birthday of author A A Milne. Like every year, this occasion was marked with special activities featuring plenty of honey yellow on the menu. Children were invited to bring in their own teddy bears and share them with the […]

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