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Visit from French students

We had a visit from four students from a school of Pedagogy in Paris. In the final year of their study, they have the opportunity to go abroad in order to meet childcare/early childhood professionals, to discuss professional practice and education policy.

Alisson, Mélani, Tiphaine and Katia were very impressed with everything they saw in Popa […]

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Charity Project for Casa Ioana

Thank you all for your contributions to our charity initiative!
“On behalf of the staff and beneficiaries in Casa Ioana, I want to thank Acorns and the school’s children and parents for this amazing initiative. The 14 sacks of blankets, clothing, toys and other items were very much appreciated by our beneficiaries. Thank you!’ Ian Tilling, […]

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Visit from the Doctor

Dr. Aurelian Dina, a general surgeon from Metropolitan Hospital came to talk to Early Explorers about being a doctor.

He brought a lot of equipment with him, which he encouraged the children to touch, look inside and find out what they are used for. After having the chance to dress up as a doctor, listen to […]

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Parents Week

Thank you to all parents who participated in this special week! Baby Acorns and Shiny Stars were happy to share their morning activities and play with their Mums and Dads. Rainbows and Early Explorers found out about jobs that some of their parents do: Rainbows learnt about being a dentist from Sebi M’s dad, a […]

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Ballet Day

From Baby Acorns dressing up in the first tutus to Early Explorers learning about how ballet dancers train and how ballet can tell a story, the whole nursery was involved in discovering more about this special dance form!

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Story Teller: Adrian Hădean

Chef Adi Hadean enjoyed sharing the story of The Runaway Pancake. Adi asked the children if they would have like to eat the pancake like the animals who chased it in the book and they answered No – because if it had run away then the pancake must have touched the ground! After a discussion […]

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Pancake Fair

Our first breakfast event was a great success with many parents joining their child for pancake themed activities! They could fill their own yummy pancakes, make pretend pancakes which they could toss in the frying pan, take part in pancake races, count pancakes and role play as bakers – what a fun and interactive morning!

Shiny […]

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Chinese New Year

Traditional music greeted the children in the morning, followed by dancing, investigating Chinese resources such as fans, chopsticks and noodles.

Baby Acorns celebrated Chinese New Year by making a dragon, with all the children lining up under the parachute and then walking around the room and they made Chinese blossom pictures. To stimulate intellectual development, they played […]

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Acorns Book Week

Acorns Book Week is one of our most popular and successful annual events!

During Book Week we joined with other nurseries and schools around the world in celebrating World Book Day – a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and (most importantly) of reading. The main aim of World Book Day is to encourage children to explore the […]

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Hellen Battelley: Introducing children to music. When should I start?

When is the perfect moment to introduce your child to music?

Babies are used to music, their mother’s heart beat being the first rhythm they know since they were in the womb. We can say that each child has a natural way to react to music, that’s why its very important to be exposed […]

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