The mission of FIRST7 TRAINING CENTER is to provide information and support to all those involved in supporting the education and development of babies and children aged 0 to 7, whether they are parents, teachers, nurses, nannies etc.
FIRST7 TRAINING CENTER has the child and his/her needs as the focal point of all its work. The best way to support children is by offering good quality information and training to those providing child care and education for this age group.
This initiative is part of the “0 2 3 Early Education” project initiated by Acorns Foundation in 2008, to promote the need for good quality education and care for children aged 0 to 3.

Through its aims, its work and the people involved in this initiative FIRST7 TRAINING CENTER supports the following:
• Promoting best practice in working with children
• Promoting recent discoveries in this field of activity
• Including all individuals, whatever their race, age, religion or disabilities, who are interested in participating in its activities and supporting the FIRST7 TRAINING CENTER

Children-parents: Provide direct support to parents through offering information and counselling
Through its workshops for parents and children, FIRST7 TRAINING CENTER will ensure:
• That the family is the first source which provides children aged 0-3 with everything they need for optimum development (physical, intellectual and emotional)
• A child’s physical, emotional, intellectual, social and communications needs should be fulfilled by the family members, as well as by other people involved in the care and education process (nannies, relatives, teachers)
• The creation of an attractive, safe, welcoming environment for parents and children, which supports the emotional and learning needs of all participants
• Specialists in nutrition, infant care, and education will be invited to give parents the latest information and to support them in offering the best care and education to their children.

Staff trained to raise and educate young children
FIRST7 TRAINING CENTER will provide (on a voluntary or paid basis) staff working in the areas of child development and education with:
• Best practice examples, through video materials filmed in Baby Acorns and Acorns, as well as in other similar institutions in Romania and other European countries, during training sessions.
• Workshops with specialists from Romania and abroad
• Training on various topics concerning the social, intellectual, emotional and language development of young children
• A library with written, audio and video material which can be rented for educational purposes

Partnership with similar organizations and state institutions
• Organise meetings with members of other organizations working in related fields, in order to exchange information
• Create a partnership to promote best practices among organizations and individuals involved in early years education
• Cooperate with government agencies which share the aim of providing the best conditions (learning environment and human resources), to raise and educate young children in state and private institutions.