Thank you for visiting our nursery!

When choosing a nursery for your child, there are many things to bear in mind. For some parents, the location is most important while for others, the menu is a priority. In Acorns, we prioritize the children’s needs and a quality learning environment should be apparent on the children’s faces – happy and engaged in whatever they are doing!

Many parents ask about the curriculum that we follow as if this is something extra, as an afterthought. However, in Acorns the Early Years Foundation Stage principles lie at the heart of every aspect of our activity with children; one of these being that we recognise each child as being a unique individual with his/her own strengths, passions, likes as well as areas where they need support. We aim to meet the unique needs of every child in our nursery, through the excellent ratio of adults to children that we maintain. Given that there are usually between 2 and 5 teachers working with a group of children, our staff work together as a team. This benefits the children, as they receive the skills, experience and teaching style from more than one teacher. Although each child will be allocated a ‚key worker’ when they start nursery, they will spend time with all teachers working in their group and so they don’t become over-reliant on any one person.

Loving children is a must for any teacher who wants to work in Acorns however our team also draws on a varied mix of skills and experience such as psychology, nursing, education and foreign languages which all contribute to building a professional and caring team who all share Acorns values. All teachers receive regular training and we support them in both their professional as well as personal development.

As well as utilising the best of British style teaching strategies, activities and routines, we have also developed many initiatives which are unique to Acorns all of which are designed to enhance the children’s learning journey. These include weekly ‚special days’ in which the children celebrate a cultural event from around the world, Story Teller sessions for the older children which are led by an ex-pat visitor, regular trips out (for ages 3.5 upwards) to places of interest in order to help the children make links between what they learn about in the nursery with what happens in the real world.  During the year we also organise charity projects which support children in need in the local community, through these, the children in Acorns receive a model of involvement, empathy and responsibility.

Acorns is more than just a nursery, it is a way of being and we look forward to welcoming you and your child to our community.

For any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Fiona Dutu

Head Teacher