After 8 years I am still proud to be head teacher in Acorns. We really do have a unique environment, one in which children, parents, staff and visitors feel welcome and appreciated.

From the displays, to carefully set up corners for children to investigate, from our lovely garden to the interactive activities and deep involvement that the teachers have in the children’s learning – everything that we do focuses on meeting the needs of the children in our nursery.

British visitors to Acorns remark on how the environment is “just like a nursery back home” and we are proud of the feedback that we receive from both International and Romanian schools who receive children from Acorns.

Our Story Teller guests are always impressed with the level of the children’s English and their ability to converse with new people, expressing their ideas and opinions with confidence. And yet there is more to Acorns than just the fact that we are a British nursery. One of our strengths lies in our commitment to recognizing the unique qualities of each child and member of staff and to encouraging each individual to meet their full potential.

Due to excellent ratios of teachers to children, we are able to offer the support and stimulation necessary for each individual – helping where needed but also extending and offering suitable challenges to ensure continual progress. Evidence of each child’s development is recorded in their unique Acorns Profile which is shared with parents at regular times during the year.

Teachers in Acorns pay attention to the “whole child” and make sure their emotional, social, physical, creative needs are met as well as intellectual.

A professional teaching team is one that is trained, communicates well, shares common goals and is supportive– which is what we continually aim towards with our staff. We have a young and enthusiastic team, many of whom have grown in their professional development with Acorns over several years. We support them in being creative, coming with new initiatives and in thinking outside the box!

No child would be who they are today without their parents – and we value the role that parents have in their child’s education and aim to have an open and honest professional relationship with them built on mutual trust and respect.

Weekly information bulletins, monthly reports, and child evaluation meetings are all examples of how we keep parents informed about their child’s development. Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in the Acorns community, whether it be through participating in regular events for parents and children, by attending workshops organised by First 7 or by supporting our fund raising projects.

We also involve the community in the children’s learning, in order to help them grow up able to make a positive contribution to the world in which they find themselves. Weekly ‚special days’ in which they learn about different festivals and celebrations from around the world, different community groups and environmental issues help to widen the children’s awareness and understanding of other people.

Trips to local places of interest allow them to experience new surroundings safely, gain confidence and widen their general knowledge as they make links between what they have learnt about in the nursery and the real world.

The unique „Acorns factor” is a combination of many qualities and experiences gained over the years which shape our nursery today. Our nursery is continually growing, which makes it a challenging and exciting place – a unique community which recognizes the contribution of each child, parent and team member.

If you would like to experience our nursery for yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Fiona Duțu