When I start to talk or write about Acorns, the first word that comes to mind is PASSION! Acorns is a nursery created firstly with PASSION, PASSION for children, PASSION for an education adapted to suit each child, PASSION for the best strategy of working with children, PASSION for the best team!

Since its opening in 2004 with two children, ACORNS Nursery has set out to be more than just a nursery. It set out to be a role model, to make its mark on education and the community, to influence for the better the lives of the children enrolled here, parents and team members. PASSION was the foundation for this decision. And since passion is not enough, there was also a need for a lot of work, research, energy and determination.

The past 12 years showcase these elements, the generations formed by Acorns, about changed destinies, about the past and the future, about PASSION.
In challenging moments, you need some tranquility and a little perspective, you need to understand what set you on this path, what you want to create and why. And then you continue with PASSION.

When you start off with passion, you discover the TALENTS of the children in your care and those of your team, you appreciate and nurture them, you follow how they come to fruition and what they can offer those around you.

Each person, whether small or big has his/her own ‘sparks’ – talents that set them apart. Since the moment a child is born, our role as educators, whether we are parents or teachers, is to discover these talents and support their development and fulfillment.

Often, our first reaction is to inhibit these talents, to stifle them, because recognizing the individual and what sets him apart makes the educational process more

In Acorns we have set out to acknowledge from the first age group (1-3 years old) what the TALENTS of every child are, what sets them apart, what makes them unique and how we can adapt the educational process to support those talents. The purpose of education is to adapt itself to every child and to create supportive strategies and methods based on individuality, rather than having one mass method that then adapts itself to a whole group of children.

And if you add the TALENTS of each team member, the UNIQUE way in which they contribute to the success of ACORNS, then you discover the color and energy of this project!

In ACORNS a love of children is the first requirement for collaboration, and then comes PASSION, passion to learn something new, for teamwork, for breaking patterns, for professional challenges. And when the love for children and passion come together with talent, with the unique way you, as a team member can contribute, then we get the perfect recipe: a unique way of working for the benefit of every adult and child who goes through the ACORNS experience.

Of course it’s not easy, you need patience, understanding, different strategies, multiple attempts before you find out how the TALENTS of the people on your team can work together, how they can influence and support each other, how they can each develop without negatively affecting one another. And when you feel it becomes difficult, you add more PASSION in what you do, PASSION for achievement, PASSION for education and success is guaranteed.

I think this is the actual recipe for any successful project: PASSION and TALENT; PASSION as an engine that sets things in motion and recognized TALENT and support as the main ingredients of the activity. For the current situation, the recipe for education and children is called ACORNS!

I invite you join us and, if you can’t, to follow us to discover where the TALENT and PASSION of each team member, each parent and each child will take ACORNS and education in the next 12 years!

Thank you!