Better every day,
for the past 15 years!

For over 15 years Acorns nursery works actively to improve parental and educational culture for children between the ages of 0 and 7 years old.

The most important part of our lives need the most carefully planned out methods of education and support. The purpose of this process is to allow the development of an individual personality and a person ready to fit into the world.

During these 15 years, our children have not been the only ones who’ve grown. Acorns nursery has become better on a daily basis and today we are proud to be one of the most performing private British nurseries in Bucharest.

You can discover the story of Acorns Nursery.

Acorns began in 2004with 2 children, 4 teachers and 2 administrative staff members. Our purpose was simple: an exclusively English alternative to the preschool educational system in place in Romania at the time, based on the British curricula, placing the child and his needs as the center of focus.

With small steps in October 2004, we welcomed our third child and slowly the number of children enrolled at Acorns and the number of parents who believed in the Acorns vision grew.

In 2006 Acorns (with 41 children) opens the first private nursery in Romania, Baby Acorns, and starts the 0 2 3 Early Education project for promoting early education in Romania. Baby Acorns offers care and educational services for children between the ages of 0 and 3 years old, based on the British curricula, with 1 teacher for every 4 children – unique numbers in Romania at the time.

In 2011 Acorns (with 105 children) opens the Acorns Training Centre. The mission of the Acorns Training Center is to offer information and support to all those involved in the development and education of a baby and child (0-7 years old), be they parents, teachers, nurses, au pairs or nannies.

The Acorns Training Center supports its goals and the people involved in this project by:

Promoting best practices for working with children

Promoting the most recent discoveries in the field

Including all people, regardless of age, race, religion, disabilities in the project taking into account their desire and ability to take part in and support the activity
taking place in the Training Center

By 2012 Acorns had 110 children, 2 headquarters for the nursery and one training center. Its team consisted of 32 members, dedicated to supporting education in Romania.

In 2013 Acorns repositions itself on the market, moves to a new building, bringing together both Baby Acorns and Acorns, and the Acorns Training Center becomes FIRST7 Parents & Educators Coaching – First7 – a center founded with the express purpose of continuing the formation and information of all those involved in child rearing and development. The new moniker highlights the most important time in our lives, when the most important discoveries take place – the first 7 years of life.