We offer more than a simple nursery!

We are Acorns Nursery, a project started from the heart of a group of mothers and put into practice by a qualified team involved in the education, care and full development of the child.
Over 10 years of involvement have allowed us to offer children integrated pre-school education services, focused on the child, parent, educator and community. The definition of success at Acorns Nursery is represented by the idea of growing together: children, educators and parents – for a better community.
We were the first private creche authorized in Romania, were awarded the “Every Child Matters” standard and we were the first educational setting in Romania to receive the “Investors in People” award – a standard in people management.

The nursery where we always learn from the children!

The British curriculum is a completely integrated approach structured to meet a child’s needs through differentiated methods of teaching. The British curriculum stimulates intelligence, imagination and the skills of every child, by identifying and celebrating the characteristics that make them unique.

All activities in Acorns take place in English and offer interactive learning methods in a happy, motivational and safe environment – especially designed to meet every child’s expectations.

We educate the environment as well as the children!

The education and care given to a child are a long-term promise. Acorns offers the best resources and methods when it comes to education, culture and creativity in order to offer your child unlimited opportunities for development and integration.

The Acorns promise is made by all grownups: parents, educators, the community – we are all responsible with building a healthy environment for our children.

We grow together, from the first steps to the first day of school!

Each child is an excellent opportunity to discover a small universe: their unique experiences and culture help us promote the values of inclusion and tolerance to all Acorns children.
In this way, the Acorns team creates a person with an open outlook on the world in which they live and opens up horizons for small explorers, preparing them for a life based on respect and mutual understanding.