Closer from the beginning

In order to ensure a consistent and coherent educational process it’s important to understand that learning needs to occur under the same guidance: from the first steps to the first words; from nursery to school; long-term relationships, a safe environment, a culture of education adapted to meet the needs of today’s society.

Acorns educators are specially selected for their qualities and experience: child care, education, nursing, psychology, creativity and foreign languages.

But first and foremost our educators love working with children! Acorns Educators are open and flexible, fluent in English and, naturally, full of energy and with an excellent sense of humor – vital traits for anyone working directly with children!

They are young and enthusiastic, willing to grow and to practice efficient teaching strategies. A period of induction, mentoring and coaching and ongoing training programs support our educators in their professional development and contribute to an enhanced level of professionalism and a responsible commitment towards children and parents.

Baby Acorns Popa Soare:


Teacher Assistant & Medical Nurse


Teacher baby Acorns

Lorena Moruz

Teacher Baby Acorns

Andreea Anton

Nurse and Teacher Assistant Baby Acorns

Baby Acorns Aviatiei:


Teacher Baby Acorns

Daniela Bodea

Teacher Baby Acorns

Ramona Volintiru

Teacher Assistant Baby Acorns