Closer from the beginning

In order to ensure a consistent and coherent educational process it’s important to understand that learning needs to occur under the same guidance: from the first steps to the first words; from nursery to school; long-term relationships, a safe environment, a culture of education adapted to meet the needs of today’s society.

Acorns educators are specially selected for their qualities and experience: child care, education, nursing, psychology, creativity and foreign languages.

But first and foremost our educators love working with children! Acorns Educators are open and flexible, fluent in English and, naturally, full of energy and with an excellent sense of humor – vital traits for anyone working directly with children!

They are young and enthusiastic, willing to grow and to practice efficient teaching strategies. A period of induction, mentoring and coaching and ongoing training programs support our educators in their professional development and contribute to an enhanced level of professionalism and a responsible commitment towards children and parents.


Teacher Shiny Stars / Coordinator

Dana has worked in Acorns for over 10 years, growing from teaching assistant to group coordinator for Baby Acorns. She has settled hundreds of children into the nursery and provides sound advice for new parents about how to help their child through various stages of development between ages 1-3.
„Acorns is a positive place in which children feel happy and accepted, they receive very good care and stimulating and hand-on activities from passionate teachers. Support is offered to parents so that the children can continue to benefit from the same approach both in the nursery and at home”


I love working with children and have been doing this as a teacher assistant for 9 years. I saw many generations of children who started in Baby Acorns and remained in the nursery until it was time to go to school.
I like and recommend Acorns because we provide a safe environment where the activities are stimulating and develop children’s abilities, and also because in Acorns the staff are happy and motivated.


Pam has more than 10 years experience of working with children and is a psychology graduate. She previously worked in Baby Acorns before leaving to work as a nanny but having decided that her future definitely belongs in the nursery, she is very happy to be back!

„Acorns provides good quality care and education for young children and they benefit of a high level of professionalism from all the staff in the nursery”



Carmen is one of our most experienced staff members, having been with Acorns for 9 years: 6 years as a teacher and coordinator in Baby Acorns while for the last 3 years Carmen has continued to work with all age groups in her capacity as coordinator for Early Years Sign Language and through First7 as coordinator and leader of activities for parents and babies.

„Parents find in Acorns what they wish for their child: an environment where he can play, explore, discover, and learn confidently and happily in his own way.”

Sue Atkinson

Teacher and Nurse
Acorns Aviației

Sue joined Acorns after working as a nurse for many years in England. She has a wealth of experience in caring for children both from raising her own family and also in various work settings. Sue especially enjoys working with babies: “I like the fact that we are helping the children grow into people, each being an individual. I like the Acorns philosophy of putting children first and helping them develop all aspects of their character and personality”. As well as being a teacher in Baby Acorns, Sue also enjoys having medical responsibilities and is able to offer parents advice on how to help their child be healthy.

Diana Cobzaru

Acorns Popa Soare

Diana’s previous experience as a volunteer with children made her realize that she would like to pursue a career in this field and she found this opportunity in Acorns. She is passionate about creative arts and crafts such as origami.

“I believe in Acorns we can help the children reach their full potential and be the best version of themselves. The teachers are trained to work with specific ages and know the milestones of their growth, which helps us provide the most suitable activities according to their needs.”

Gianina Leuțu

Coordinator to be/ Teacher
Acorns Popa Soare

Gianina holds a bachelor degree in Philology and a Masters Degree in Advertising. She previously worked in schools for almost 5 years and also in Client Services. When she first came to Acorns, she spent time in older age groups but she fell in love with Baby Acorns.

“I think the children have the best start in this group as we offer child care, learning and fun. We also have a great partnership with parents and we try to support their child’s well being in the best way possible. Acorns is the perfect choice because it provides a passionate team who want to provide a unique vision about educating the early years”