Acorns Alumni Group

Acorns Alumni was initiated following a suggestion from parents whose children were previously in Acorns, to have a group especially for them. The aim of this group is to meet regularly to the benefit of the children, thereby allowing them to keep in touch with their friends who they first met in the nursery, to socialise and for adults to see how they can continue to be involved in and support Acorns projects.The Acorns Alumni Group is especially for parents who have had children in Acorns, no matter the year in which they came to the nursery or for how long.

How do I join?

We have received an extraordinary response from parents who previously had their children in Acorns, to the idea of forming this group, suggestions for events and charity projects.

If your child was previously in Acorns and you wish to become part of Acorns Alumni, we invite you to join this group by sending a mail to! Following your request, you will receive a copy of the Acorns Alumni values and way of working, which we invite you to accept and support through your membership and involvement in the group. You will receive regular information about Acorns Alumni events; you will be able to suggest ideas and charity projects. We look forward to receiving your membership!

Beliefs and Values

Parents in Acorns Alumni share the same values, way of thinking, they are active and involved in projects which benefit children and the community in which they live, they promote positive thinking through the suggestion and promotion of ideas and projects which are focussed on the future of children and more besides.

Parents in Acorns Alumni care about and promote the need for high quality care and education for their own children, those in the nursery and in the wider community and contribute to supporting this.

Alumni Awards

Acorns and Acorns Alumni aims to organise an annual event, at which parents from Acorns and the Alumni will be able to meet each other, celebrate the achievements of the Alumni, projects in which it was involved and award parents who have taken part in nursery projects and those in the community. Acorns Alumni will also award contributions to education made by different personalities in Romania, in its wish to support and promote their efforts and encourage others to do the same.