Children First

Because all our attention is focused on the children all our decisions must be inline with the principles of British education but must also meet the educational needs of Romania and its development. To be an Early Years teacher implies a high level of responsibility and involvement. For this reason we always wish to have teachers and volunteers who have something special about them, an extra something – a care for all who they come into contact with, for the environment, society and of course for the little ones.

Acorns teachers are specially chosen for their qualities and experience, which includes childcare, teaching, nursing, psychology, creativity and foreign languages. But first and foremost they all love working with children! Acorns teachers are open minded and flexible, fluent speakers and writers of English and of course they possess a lot of energy and a good sense of humour – vital qualities for anyone working with children! Our staff are young and enthusiastic, keen to develop and practice effective teaching strategies. An induction period, mentoring/coaching and ongoing training programme support our teachers in their professional development, which contributes towards a high level of professionalism and commitment to our children, parents and nursery.


Fiona has over 20 years of teaching experience in UK and Romania with children aged 1-14. She holds a degree in social sciences and a post graduate degree in Early Years teaching. Formally Head of Primary at the International British School of Bucharest, Fiona has worked in Acorns for the past 9 years and still finds it an exciting place to work. „Acorns is a really unique and special nursery, which offers the best start for children – with a team which is dedicated, well prepared, creative and enthusiastic to meet every child’s needs”

Acorns Popa Soare

This is Raluca’s 5th year in Acorns, and she has over 10 years experience of working with children in different settings. She holds a degree in psychology and a Masters in Social Support Services. „I recommend Acorns to parents because of our unique team of teachers who keep the children happy and busy and unique events: multicultural days and events which help the children gain more knowledge and understanding of the world”.


Oana is the latest addition to the team and has adapted to the nursery very quickly. She has 10 years of experience working with children and has joined Acorns from another private nursery in Bucharest.

“One of the main reasons why I recommend Acorns to parents is the focus on the full development of every child through a curricula based on play, delivered in a series of unique activities (role play, introducing technology, daily focus on stories, fun and sensory-based games.”



Armand is an Australian national, a qualified early childhood specialist and brings with him experience of having worked in international schools. Having previously worked in a voluntary capacity in Acorns a few years ago, Armand has now joined the School Years team as a full time teacher. He believes “Here at Acorns, we are a group of passionate teaches who are dedicated in teaching your child in a fun, caring, nurturing environment and ensuring that they grow better every day.”

Teacher Assistent Baby Acorns/Asistenta Medicala

After graduating from nursing high school I worked as a medical nurse for 2 years. I joined Acorns in 2008 as a teacher assistant and nurse. As a parent myself I believe Acorns to be the best choice because here children are encouraged to be independent, they form a positive self-image and are offered a happy and stimulating environment.
Mirela Cruceru

Teacher Shiny Stars
Acorns Popa Soare

Mirela has a passion for foreign languages, speaking Spanish, Italian, as well as Romanian and English. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English and Romanian Literature and also TEFL certificate for teaching English. Mirela started her career in Acorns as a teacher in Baby Acorns and this experience helped her realize that she wanted to follow this vocation.
“I believe my strength is being able to help children believe in themselves and reach their full potential and I am happy I have the opportunity to do this by working in Acorns. I like to play and make the children laugh and dance.”

Andreea Pistol

Teacher Assistant Rainbows
Acorns Popa Soare

Andreea is a positive, creative and openminded person, who always wanted to work with children and was interested in child psychology books. She holds a degree in Foreign Languages including the psycho pedagogical module. She enjoys being part of Acorns team as she feels that she has the opportunity to develop her professional skills as well as personal and she finds the job very rewarding.
“I highly recommend Acorns because the children are encouraged to be more independent, confident, accept others as well as themselves and they learn the importance of kindness. The structure of activities stimulates their sense of curiosity, love for learning and creative thinking.”
Florentina Tudosie

Teacher Shiny Stars
Acorns Popa Soare

Florentina has worked for the past 5 years in Afterschool Systems and took the opportunity offered by Acorns to work with preschool children. She is licensed in Psychology, participated in trainings about informal education and learning through play. She is passionate about human psychology and interested in continuously learning in order to develop her full potential.
“I believe the children in Acorns have the perfect setting in order to develop independence at the same time as emotional growth and balance”
Alexandra Mănici

Teacher Shiny Stars
Acorns Aviației

A qualified and experienced teacher, Alexandra joined Acorns after working at an international school in Doha for 2 years. There she learnt about the British curriculum and wanted to come back to Romania in order for children here to benefit from this style of teaching. “One of the ways that children benefit from being in Acorns is the way in which they can choose what they want to do – not everyone has to do the same activity at the same time. In this way, children have ownership over their learning”.
Selah Gowero

Teacher Shiny Stars
Acorns Aviației

Originally from Zimbabwe, Selah has lived in Romania for several years and enjoys both the challenges and advantages of living in Bucharest with her young family. Selah trained as a journalist and is now enjoying learning how to work with children the Acorns way. Selah enjoys her job very much “because of the joy and fun experienced when hearing the children’s voices and seeing their faces light up each time they learn something new!”
Mihaela Desculțu

Teacher Shiny Stars
Acorns Aviației

Mihaela previously worked in Sales but felt drawn towards a career related to children, as she was fascinated by seeing the changes that she saw taking place in her own children as they went through different stages of development. In Acorns, she has found a way to connect with children on another level and is enjoying learning about how to meet their needs as a teacher.
Cristina Popescu

Teacher Rainbows
Acorns Aviației

Cristina holds a degree in Hotel Management and previously worked in the hospitality industry in USA before working in a Japanese nursery here in Bucharest. There, she discovered that she has a gift for working with children and became very interested in Japanese culture. She chose to work in Acorns, after hearing positive feedback about the nursery and has discovered that here she can learn more about what it means to work in the British curriculum and how this meets the needs of the children.
Costina Năstase

Teacher Assistant
Acorns Aviației

Costina has discovered that she has a very good affinity with children, this being her first job since leaving university. She is enjoying taking on different responsibilities and finding out that there are many ways in which the children can learn. She likes the fact that in Acorns, “the children are encouraged to discover for themselves and that each one has opportunities to develop their unique qualities”.
Mihaela Trandafir

Teacher Shiny Stars
Popa Soare.

Mihaela previously worked as a journalist and she discovered her love of working with children by doing voluntary work in a state run children’s home. She chose Acorns because she recognizes that we offer children the best foundation to build on social-emotional skills