Children First

Because all our attention is focused on the children all our decisions must be inline with the principles of British education but must also meet the educational needs of Romania and its development. To be an Early Years teacher implies a high level of responsibility and involvement. For this reason we always wish to have teachers and volunteers who have something special about them, an extra something – a care for all who they come into contact with, for the environment, society and of course for the little ones.

Acorns teachers are specially chosen for their qualities and experience, which includes childcare, teaching, nursing, psychology, creativity and foreign languages. But first and foremost they all love working with children! Acorns teachers are open minded and flexible, fluent speakers and writers of English and of course they possess a lot of energy and a good sense of humour – vital qualities for anyone working with children! Our staff are young and enthusiastic, keen to develop and practice effective teaching strategies. An induction period, mentoring/coaching and ongoing training programme support our teachers in their professional development, which contributes towards a high level of professionalism and commitment to our children, parents and nursery.

Acorns Popa Soare

Daniela Dica

Teacher & Early Years Team Leader ( Ages 1-4)
Shiny Stars

Maria Chiriac

Teacher Shiny Stars

Raluca Cimpoiasu

Deputy Head Teacher & School Years Team Leader (ages 4-6)
Rainbows Team

Camelia Ciobotaru

Teacher Rainbows

Simon Quysner

Early Explorers

Monica Andreea Stinga

Teacher Early Explorers

Acorns Aviatiei

Rebecca Bulgaru

Shiny Stars

Flori Tudosie

Teacher Shiny Strs

Cristina Popescu


Bianca Ciovica

Teacher Rainbows

Fiona Dutu

Head Teacher & Coordinator
Early explorers