Creativity is the best learning tool

Acorns Clubs are specially designed for children between the ages of 3 and 6 in order to offer them a wide range of extracurricular activities to stimulate their means of expressing themselves, their passions, their skills and talents.

The purpose of Acorns Clubs:

  • The implementation and continuity, as much as possible, of a similar learning process to that of the Acorns nursery, adding the valuable expertise of experts in certain fields.
  • Further developing the knowledge obtained in the nursery.
  • The introduction of valuable content which treats the child as an individual. The way they perceive and interact with the world is unique.
  • The learning process takes place through play and discovery under the careful guidance of the leading teacher – the learning process starts with the child, the educator’s role is to create opportunities that facilitate organic, pressure-free learning.
  • A positive approach that develops the children’s confidence in their skills and strengths.
  • The learning process takes place in small groups, offering children the possibility to communicate and receive the necessary support and guidance.
  • A friendly environment that stimulates children’s creativity, their desire to discover and learn.
  • The learning process will take place under careful guidance of the teachers from Acorns, using Acorns strategies, with the clubs programmsupplemented by external expert partners in specific areas, who will use the Acorns style of teaching

Acorns Clubs take place daily 4pm and 6pm. The schedule is updated at the beginning of every year, trying to meet all of our children’s curiosities.

For further details about our current schedule, you can visit us in the nursery.