facem-cunostintaWe get to know each other

We invite you to pay us a visit in order to observe the Acorns educational environment. Schedule an appointment at 0788418186. The best time to come visit is between 9:30 and 11:00.

afla-tot-ce-te-intereseazaFind out all you need to know

Ask all the relevant questions: schedule synching, the Acorns menu, the curricula, breaks and games – in short, all you need to know to make an informed decision.

creaza-planul-educationalCreate the educational plan

Your child’s educational plan will be adapted to their social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs.

afla-ce-nevoi-are-cel-micFind out your child’s needs

At Acorns children need to feel at ease. This is why we will establish together the best approach to your child’s educational plan, based on their unique preferences and personality.

cum-inchei-contractulSigning the contract

You fill in the signup form, pay the signup tax at least one month before the beginning of classes and we draw up the sponsorship contract.

Before chosing a kindergarten for your children, compare at least two options in order to be sure of making the best choice. Take into account their personality, their care and education and how you can synch your schedules.

Acorns kindergarten offers two options (long or short schedules), each adapted to your needs and committed to the same thing: that the child develops in a safe, healthy and creative environment.

Before your child starts, we will need the following papers:

• Medical test results (from a throat swab and a stool sample)
• Medical notice from your general practitioner
• A copy of one parent’s ID
• A copy of the child’s vaccination file
• A copy of the child’s birth certificate

Our accounting department will contact you in order to fill out the sponsorship agreement (on either a personal or legal entity basis).

The new “acorn” will require the following items for the nursery:

• An Acorns sack for keeping their clothes in
• Slippers
• Several changes of clothes (including underwear, socks etc).
• Pajamas for children in Shiny Stars

How to help your child prepare for Acorns:
After enrolling your child, the Head Teacher will assist you in determining when your child will start nursery. We recommend that before he/she officially becomes a part of our daily schedule they come to spend some time (1-2 hours) with the group of children, in order to get used to the environment.

When your child enrolls at Acorns, one of the educators will become their key-person.

Research shows that the “key person” method (Key Person Approach) is the most efficient way of ensuring that children will develop a relationship with an important grownup from the nursery.

The key person will be the educator who will play the role of main contact between the nursery and family, who will help the child settle in, who will write a monthly report detailing each child’s progress and who will gather information regarding each child’s development in Acorns.