The Popa Soare Acorns Nursery has 4 differently themed rooms, all made available to the children:

  • The reading room with reading nooks and spaces for building entire worlds with the help of toys.
  • The discovery room, sensory games, creative activities, playful investigations in the corner of light.
  • The sport room, mattresses, tunnels, catchy music and room for dancing.
  • The big room, complete with tables and stools, perfectly adapted for puzzles and board games. This play corner stimulates the children’s imagination and offers them a wide array of materials and fairytale-inspired costumes.

Children from the Early School Years program benefit from especially dedicated areas:

  • IT&C: the learning process is supported by electronical devices.
  • Fictional worlds: imagination and knowledge are developed with the help of toys.
  • Roleplay: the area is for costumes and playing fairytales.
  • Books and listening: stories are shared with friends, the children listen to the stories with headphones on, while they read the text from the book.
  • Creativity: for painting and drawing.
  • Crafts
The Acorns garden has 1100 square meters and this is where the children take part in various educational and recreational activities when the temperatures outside permit it.

  • Sport area: furnished with tricycles and other wheeled toys – where children are offered support in exercising coordination, balance and spatial orientation.
  • The mountain climbing area: slides and swings which help children develop their confidence in their own physical and muscular abilities.
  • Crafts: children will be able to experiment and interact with a variety of materials, like rice, water, pasta, flour, etc.
  • The sand area: for building, digging, etc.
  • Workshop: a covered area where children take part in creative outdoor activities.
  • The quiet area: with pillows and blankets, it’s where children can relax, read books or play.

The green area: offers children a reason to explore nature and truly feel that they are using their whole body.

Acorns Popa Soare Gallery