The Acorns Aviație kindergarten is dedicated to those who live and work in the North of Bucharest and who wish to offer their children an educational experience that is both multicultural and adapted to their individual development needs. All activities take place in English and are supported by experienced teachers who benefit from continuous education both in Romania and abroad.

In Acorns Aviației children have access to the following spaces

  1. The big room: furbished with tables and stools, perfect for creative and intellectual activities. The miniature world and the sensory exploring area encourage social and vocabulary development. The room offers the possibility of organizing obstacle races and physical activities.
  2. The playful room: hosts Builder’s Corner, reading and imaginative game areas.
  3. The discovery room: invites children to playful investigations on the lit up table, the reading corner, the fine movement space, the small mathematicians’ corner.
  4. The creative room: furnished with tables and stools, perfect for creative activities. The sensory corner stimulates children’s imagination and offers them a varied array of sensory materials and fairytale-inspired toys.

The Aviației Acorns garden offers:

  1. The grass area: offers children the opportunity to explore nature and to truly feel they are using their whole body in physical activities.
  2. The quiet area: furnished with tents, umbrellas, beds where children can relax, read or explore imaginative and sensorial toys.
  3. The Workshop area: meant to encourage the participation of creative activities outside.
  4. Crafts: children will be able to experiment and interact with a variety of materials like rice, water, soil, pasta, flour, etc.
  5. The bike lane: meant to encourage physical activities, coordination, balance, spatial orientation.
  6. The sand area: sand for building, digging, etc.

The kitchen area where children learn to communicate with each other and to share their toys in a familiar setting.

Acorns Aviatiei Gallery