MERG LA ȘCOALĂ. SUNT PUTERNIC! was a community event which took place on 26th June in Șoldanu. The event gathered 70 participants involved in education and community development. The topics approached were about good practices guidelines in education and social involvement that can generate positive change in the rural environment.

Valentina Secară, founder of Acorns Nursery and General Manager, was invited to share some of Acorns good practices. She talked about the importance of the learning environment – that it needs to be colorful, with toys within children’s reach and stimulating for all children; about the importance of investing in the team that works in the nursery and providing constant training; in Acorns this is an ongoing project because we want our teachers to feel appreciated and to know that their profession matters. A well trained team will provide a high quality educational act. Valentina also talked about involving Acorns children and parents in community projects – through parent/child events, by bringing different people to the nursery to read to the children and talk to them about themselves and their jobs etc.