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Trip to La Bicla Loca

In June, we have a whole week designated to bikes, related to our Things That Go theme. The children can bring their own bicycles, ride them in the garden, have competitions, share them and learn how they work. On this occasion, Rainbows visited La Bicla Loca where they were able to learn about the different […]

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Father’s Day

Creating opportunities for parents to feel included in their child’s learning helps the educational process, our relationship with the family and the development of the child. Father’s Day is a beloved event in our nursery as we believe that fathers and father figures have an important contribution to play in the lives of the children. […]

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Children’s Day

In Acorns, every day is Children’s Day as we focus all our programs and activities on their needs, but having a party with music, games and the opportunity to wear their favourite costume is always a fun way to celebrate and make the children feel important !

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Trip to Ferma Animalelor

In Acorns we believe in creating opportunities for the children to explore the real world, thus our extracurricular activities are an extension of our weekly themes. Shiny Stars had their first trip to Ferma Animalelor; having learnt about animals and their habitats in the nursery. During their trip they met and interacted with a variety […]

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Great British Garden Party

This year we held the 9th edition of our Great British Garden Party. The aim of the event is to bring together the Acorns community: Acorns families, families of children now at school, friends and friends of friends in a festive atmosphere, to enjoy quality time alongside their children. This edition was a real success! […]

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Baby Acorns Anniversary Party

Baby Acorns had a great anniversary party celebrating the 12th year since this part of the nursery was founded. Baby Acorns promotes a high level of care focusing on the crucial period between 0 and 3 years old during which the brain develops up to 80% of its capacity.
Baby Acorns was created in order to […]

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Trip to Coralis Pet Shop

After learning about animals that live near water and their habitats, Early Explorers went on a trip to Coralis Pet Shop, the biggest exotic fish shop in the country! There they had the opportunity to see different kinds of exotic fish and to find out about their habitat. And of course, they saw Nemo and […]

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Story Teller: Ioana Mitu

Ioana Mitu was our last story teller for this school year. A kind and warm-hearted young lawyer, with a strong community sense and wanting to give back, Ioana is just the right role model that young children need. She even brought a small book from her childhood.

The story teller project was initiated 6 years ago […]

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