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Africa Week

All the children enjoyed experiencing the sights and sounds of Africa! The children learned everything about this fascinating continent with vibrant colors, lively music and rhythms and exciting wildlife: birds, such as giraffes, elephants, lions, ostriches, zebras, antelopes, parrots and eagles! It was a wonderful way to introduce the children to a vibrant and diversified […]

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Evaluation meetings

At our recent child evaluation meetings for children enrolled in Popa Soare, parents had the chance to see what cross-curricular learning means in practice and how it benefits their child. Each group had its own parents meeting, beginning with a presentation and films of daily activities in the nursery, showing some of the many ways […]

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Story teller: Alain Schodts

Alain Schodts, Executive Director of Belgian Romanian Chamber of Commerce, was another of our Story Tellers. Alain read an inspiring story called Stone Underpants about always seeking better resources and not giving up. He kindly answered the children’s questions and explained that his job involves bringing people together.

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Fruity Friday

Fruity Friday was a great success throughout the nursery in Popa Soare! Thank you to parents who supported this event by donating more unusual types of fruit which were investigated by the children. It was a day which the children really enjoyed and was a great example of how they learn by using all their […]

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Trip to the Zoo

Shiny Stars and Rainbows had a fun morning at the Zoo, despite dodging the rain! They saw the real animals that they had learnt about in the nursery such as bears, wolves, tiger, lion, monkeys, pelicans and flamingo as well as lizards, snakes and fish. All the children enjoyed the trip in spite of the […]

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Story teller: Alex Glod

A very different experience for Early Explorers was when Alex Glod, Trainer, Udemy instructor and TEDx Speaker, told a story about being happy with what you have and not being greedy. He got this message across using just a crown, a small box and 9 coins as props. The children were mesmerized and listened almost […]

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Creating a mini-garden

The children were very involved and interested in their first planting experiences! They saw how the soil is prepared by digging, how to put the plant carefully in a hole and how to add just the right amount of water. This is also a great opportunity for children to learn how to be responsible, how […]

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Story teller: Alexandru Agatinei

Alexandru Agatinei, Community builder for entrepreneurship and social initiatives was our Story Teller. He read  “The Lighthouse Keeper”, a story about appreciating what you have and returning home after an adventure.  Alex also told them about his own adventure when he was a team member of the first Romanian crew crossing the frozen Baikal lake […]

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