Rainbows and Early Explorers had the unique opportunity to meet Alexandru Tomescu during our Music Month. Alexandru told them that he became so interested in the violin just because his mother, a violin teacher, wouldn’t let him touch it when he was very small; it was only when he turned 6 that his mother allowed him to play with it and then they discovered that he was very good; he used to play for his colleagues in school. When asked how the children felt while listening to him play the violin, most of them answered “relaxed” and  “happy” and a few said “amazed”, “ surprised”, “marvellous”!

Alexandru was kind and answered all their questions and curiosities about Bach, Vivaldi and how violins are made. You could see his passion about music and love for children while explaining the components of his violin and demonstrating how he takes care of it, but also when he talked about his project in Mihaileni.