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Music Month_percussion and wind instruments workshop

Eugen Imecs held an out of the box workshop with instruments that he uses to make special effects for movies, percussion and wind instruments. He first explained to the children how he discovered his passion for sounds while spending the childhood in the country side and being fascinated by the metal sound made by horseshoes. He then […]

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Special guest: Alexandru Tomescu

Rainbows and Early Explorers had the unique opportunity to meet Alexandru Tomescu during our Music Month. Alexandru told them that he became so interested in the violin just because his mother, a violin teacher, wouldn’t let him touch it when he was very small; it was only when he turned 6 that his mother allowed […]

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Muzic Month_cello workshop

As part of our Music Month project, our friends from Sarang Hanguk held a cello workshop. Natalia talked to the children about how her mum encouraged her to enroll in Music School in order to expand her experience. She instantly fell in love with the cello and told the children how playing an instrument requires […]

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Music month_ Didgeridoo workshop

A very interesting instrument was in our nursery. Brian Petermann acquainted the children with the didgeridoo, one of the oldest instruments in the world. The didgeridoo is a wind instrument and it was used by the aboriginals to cure aches and pains. The children were mesmerized by the different vibrations that the instrument made. Brian […]

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Music month_violin workshop

April was music month in Acorns. Our aim was to develop in children a love for music, to encourage them to sing and dance and to become familiar with various musical instruments.

One of our guests was Elena Stoica, violin player. Elena talked to the children about why she chose this instrument and why she likes […]

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Story Teller_Virginia Otel

Another special guest visited our nursery this month. Virginia Otel, President of PWN Romania, (a volunteer-based NGO dedicated to advancing women in leadership), read “Heidi” to the children, a story about the importance of friendship, living healthily and helping each other. As Virginia works in the banking field as a full-time job, she also talked […]

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Acorns Team Training

The whole Acorns team (all departments from both buildings) took part in interactive team activities, working on the skills of an effective team through exercises, questioning and answering and whole body involvement – learning in some of the same ways that the children do! We planned how term 3 will look and how it will […]

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Story Teller_Anca Banita

Anca Banita was one of recent our story tellers. Among her many roles, Anca is Communication Manager and Spokesperson at “Let’s Do It, Romania!” She read a heart warming story about unconditional love and she talked to the children about the importance of protecting the environment and being responsible when using our planet’s resources.

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Green Fair

We opened April with one of our favourite events: Green Fair. The aim was to help the children connect with the natural world around them and to see that the outdoors, exercise and the natural world are all enjoyable experiences that contribute to our sense of well-being and happiness, but that they are also finite […]

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