As part of the topic People Who help Us, we invited parents to come and talk to the children about their job.

Sorin Matei (Teodor’s dad) talked about being an Installation Engineer by making a very interesting link with our elementary needs (washing, eating, drinking) and how we can use them when making a Dream House. The children learned about water sources, saw diverse types of pipes brought by our guest and became familiar with the Green House function.

Cristina Ambrozie (Sofia’s mum) came with her colleague Andreea Marin who is a journalist working at Radio Romania Actualitati. The children saw how they can tune in to a radio station, talked about their favorite ones and understood how aerials work. Then they had the chance to see a real recording device and do an interview with a professional.

Petre and Veronica Stefan (Sofia’s parents) who work as pilot and flight attendant talked to the children about what their job involves, what are the parts of an aeroplane and what the pilot does to fly one. They also talked about traveling and looked at photos from different places they visited.

Codruta Soare (Darius’s mum) talked to the children about being a doctor, explained that there are different types of doctors who use different types of medicines and treatments to take care of their patients. She brought a stethoscope and the children took turns in being the doctor/patient.

Alexandra Radu (Adam’s mum) who is a yoga teacher held a story session which she told through yoga poses.

Ioana Creci (Alexandra’s mum) managed to explain what being a lawyer means by telling the children the story of Themis the goddess. Also, she talked about what justice means, and that her job implies defending people in need.

Thank you to all parents who took this opportunity to talk to the children, thereby helping them to learn more about the different roles that people have!