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Story Teller Mario DeMezzo

One of our Story Tellers was Mario DeMezzo, TedEx speaker and former Director of Habitat for Humanity. Mario is an example of kindness and patience, not only did he read a story, but he answer to children’s questions (and there were a lot) and even showed them some magic tricks.

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Chinese New Year

In Acorns we promote culticulturalism and we make it our objective to help children learn about different countries, their languages, customs and culture.

Thus, we celebrated Chinese New Year. The children listened to chinese stories, learned about their special alphabet, played with traditional toys and tried eating with chop sticks.

Early Explorers went on a trip to […]

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Early Explorers trip to FAN Courier

Another fun experience for Early Explorers was their trip to FAN Courier headquarters. They were able to see the entire process that parcels and the letters go through: where they are stored, how they are sorted and how delivery vans collect them.

Thank you, FAN Courier, for your warm welcome and the goodie bags that the […]

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Story Teller Chef Foa

Early Explorers enjoyed meeting celebrity Chef Foa, who was their Story Teller! He explained that his real name is Florin but when he was a child, his brother couldn’t say his name properly and since then everyone calles him Foa! As well as reading My Island Adventure, he explained to the children that he decided […]

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Trip to Dent Estet 4Kids

Rainbows went on a trip to Dent Estet 4Kids where they talked to the dentists about the health of their teeth, how to brush correctly, which foods and drinks are good for their teeth and which are not, they learnt about toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss, visited the clinic and met the staff in order […]

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Valentine’s Day – parents open mornings

For Valentine’s Day parents were invited to join their children in activities about kindness, moving, touching, creativity, dance and singing – all of which help both children and grown-ups to have happy, healthy hearts! A big THANK YOU to all parents who joined us in celebrating a day of happy hearts!

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Dance Day

In Acorns we take movement very seriously and we like to experiment as much as possible. For Dance Day, the children in Aviatiei learnt dance steps and were encouraged to explore a different kind of dancing, one that would help develop their gross motor skills: dancing in slippery paint. It was a lot of fun… […]

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Trip to Tiriac Collection

Rainbows and Early Explorers enjoyed visiting the Tiriac Collection where they saw how cars have changed over the years and how old cars have been restored. The children were amazed by all the vehicles especially the pink Rolls Royce that belonged to Elton John, the fire engine and they they enjoyed listening to the different […]

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