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Story Teller: Claudiu Maier

Actor Claudiu Maier was another of our Story Tellers this week. It was a very fun session as Claudiu chose a funny story called “How to Hide a Lion from Grandma” and he did more than read the book, he also acted it out!

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Story Teller Daniel Kearvell  

Daniel Kearvell, Managing Director of DHL Romania was our Story Teller in our Book Week . Daniel has written a book named after his daughter Maya, a very inspiring story about being different and accepting yourself for who you are. Another special thing about this book is that all the profits from selling it goes […]

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Story Teller Gareth Brookes

Gareth Brookes, British writer and long time friend of Acorns chose to read a very special book The Girl Who Thought in Pictures, a true story about a little girl who was differently to everyone else.

Afterwards, Gareth asked the children to tell him what kind of stories they like best and he explained that he […]

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“Every child deserves a story” – charity project

202 books have left our nurseries for OvidiuRO’s project “Every child deserves a story” in Araci, Covasna. A BIG Thank you to Acorns parents for donating books, during our recent Book Week celebration – thereby setting a positive example to the children in our nurseries.

Your support for the nursery in Araci means that children in […]

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Story Teller: Her Excellency, Mrs Tamar Samash

This month we had the honour of having Israeli Ambassador, Her Excellency, Mrs. Tamar Samash as part of our Story Teller project. Tamar brought two special stories from her personal library, one about learning to lose and another about being kind to your neighbors and accepting them for who they are. The children were mesmerized […]

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St. Patrick’s Day

As part of our goal to help children discover new cultures and countries we celebrated St Patrick’s Day with traditional Irish music, dance, symbols and stories. The children wore green and all the activities were based on the colour green, leprechauns, Irish symbols, Irish music and dancing!

School Year participated in an Irish dance workshop with […]

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British Sign Language Anniversary

We celebrated the 15th anniversary of the day that British Sign Language became officially recognized by the British government. We use Early Years Sign Language in both our nurseries from Baby Acorns onwards; at first signing helps ease frustration for babies before they are able to communicate all their needs verbally, but we continue its […]

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International Women’s Day

In Acorns we value our relationship with parents as the partnership that we have with them helps each child reach their full potential. This month we celebrated International Women’s Day in the nursery with all our mums. Thank you to our partners: Toman Diet, Blu Party, Beatrix Color, Bio Aleea, Belfiore Cosmetics, Nirvana Yoga, Maruca, […]

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Book Week

This month we had one of our most popular events in the nursery: Book Week! The message of World Book Day (1st March) is that reading is a fun activity, that there are many different types of books such as stories, information, magazines, dictionaries etc and that reading about a favourite topic leads to happiness […]

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People Who Help Us

As part of the topic People Who help Us, we invited parents to come and talk to the children about their job.

Sorin Matei (Teodor’s dad) talked about being an Installation Engineer by making a very interesting link with our elementary needs (washing, eating, drinking) and how we can use them when making a Dream House. […]

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