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Early Explorers Christmas Show

For their Christmas Show, Early Explorers played The Jolly Christmas Postman, in front of their families. They delivered the true meaning of Christmas with the help some very familiar characters: the Four Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, Mr. Dumpty etc.
Father Christmas came and enchanted the children with the presents he brought.

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Shiny Stars Christmas Party

The happiest Christmas tree was the story played by the Shiny Stars in Popa Soare for their Christmas Party.

The story was about a fir tree that wanted to be a Christmas tree.. Luckily, at North Pole he found many friends who helped him become the shiniest Christmas tree. Penguins, reindeers, polar bears and snowmen came together […]

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Rainbows Christmas Show

“When Father Christmas Was Sick…” was the Christmas story played by the Rainbows on the ISB stage

What do you do when Father Christmas has the flu? How will he deliver the presents? If Father Christmas doesn’t come, will anyone believe in the magic of Christmas? Father Christmas was sick and he needed Rainbows help to make him […]

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Baby Acorns Christmas Parties

The Christmas parties were a special occasion for the children and parents to attend a program of festive activities, music, fun and games. Father Christmas sent lots of presents to all the children.




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Trip to Anglican Church

Early Explorers went to the Anglican Church where they found out more about the story of St Nicholas and how the church was preparing for the winter holidays.

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Acorns Christmas Fairs

Christmas Fairs represented the official countdown to Christmas, for the children in Acorns Nurseries. This is a traditional event in Popa Soare but it was the first Christmas Fair organized in our garden from Aviatiei. It was an enormous joy for the children and their families to decorate together the Christmas tree and to turn on […]

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National Day of Romania

We  celebrated National Day of Romania with traditional music, crafts and creative activities. Children were invited to come dressed in traditional clothes. We believe it is important for the children to learn about and appreciate the qualities of the country in which they all live and for most of them, to learn about their Romanian heritage and […]

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