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World Heart Day

World Heart Day is always an opportunity for the children to learn how to keep their heart healthy: serve healthy snacks with fruits and vegetables and exercise. The older children learnt about the importance of kind words and the effect they have on their heart.
Acorns supports again Asociatia Inima Copiilor, who do wonderful work with babies […]

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International Day of Peace

For the International Day of Peace, all the children were invited to wear white as a symbol of peace, kindness and friendship.

All activities were created to teach the children the importance of using their kind words, being calm and peaceful when listening to relaxing music, as well as developing a “mindful” attitude (listening to the sounds in environment, paying attention […]

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Grand Parents Day

For Grandparents Day, children in Baby Acorns and Shiny Stars were invited to bring in a family photo which they shared in circle time and then used for a display.

Children in School Years were invited to bring a photo of one or more of their Grandparents – or even to bring a real Grandparent to the nursery

Grandparents accepted the invitation and […]

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