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Early Explorers Visit to Mamapan Bakery

Last Tuesday, Early Explorers went on a trip to the Mamapan bakery, where they discovered how real bread is made. This trip came in addition to our Book Week event, during which the children learnt about the bread making process, by reading The Little Red Hen story. For Mamapan is not only a bakery, but also […]

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Sensory Playdates for Babies

Every 2 weeks, First7, the training center of Acorns Nursery, is organizing sensory playdates for children aged 7-26 month. The playdates are hosted by the 2 locations of Acorns Nursery (Popa Soare and Aviatiei) and they are promoted on the Facebook page:

Through these workshops for parents and children, First7 ensure:

That the family is the first source which […]

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Story Teller – Nigel Bell

Nigel Bell, Chief Executive at Property Management Services, Romania was our story teller in March.

As well as reading to the children, Nigel explained about how the UK is made up of 4 countries, showed the map of these and talk about traditions which are commonly associated with each one, including Ireland.

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Sign Language Anniversary

In March, we celebrated the 14th anniversary of when British Sign Language became officially recognised by the British government.
We use Early Years Sign Language in both our nurseries from Baby Acorns onwards.

At first, signing helps ease frustration for babies before they are able to communicate all their needs verbally but we continue its use in the […]

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