Rainbows began December by revising the names of the seasons and the colours, sounds, weather associated with each one. They read the story “Froggy gets dressed” about a frog that gets ready to go out in the snow.

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We watched clips about frogs hibernating and talked about other animals that go to sleep during winter time. Then the children learned to say the vocabulary of clothes: socks, boots, hat, scarf, mittens, trousers, coat, shirt. The children also learnt about polar bears, igloos, sleigh riding and of course thought about Father Christmas at the North Pole – about the cold conditions and how snow is formed.

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We sang “Little Snowflake” and looked at photos of snowflakes under the microscope. The children learned that there are not two alike and then made their own snowflakes by using blob painting.

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The most exciting thing about this month was certainly the Christmas show! The children enjoyed The Magic of Christmas and how it’s celebrated in different cultures. We are all incredibly proud of all the children for the performances they put on. The children excelled themselves; their behaviour was exemplary and their singing was beautiful.