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Switching on the Lights – Acorns Aviației

All children and parents brought Christmas decorations and joined their teachers in decorating the Christmas tree. Everyone enjoyed our relaxed atmosphere with cookies and tea and after that, we sang Christmas songs and danced to Christmas music. Thank you for taking part in our special event, which brought everyone together and officially started the Christmas […]

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Acorns Christmas Fair. Switch on the Lights

December is a month with plenty of happy moments and great excitement in our nursery!

It’s a festive season in Acorns with many Christmassy activities happening in both of our nurseries! Acorns Christmas Fair and switching on the lights on our Christmas Tree are 2 special annual events loved by our children.  It is the perfect […]

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National Day of Romania

National Day of Romania or 1st of December is always a reason to celebrate in our nursery and this year was no exception.

The children learnt about our country and its traditions, they danced to Romanian music and wore traditional Romanian costumes.

The children in Early Years became familiar with the colours of the Romanian flag – […]

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