Our children love to dance and to express themselves through music and movements, so we organised a special dance workshop for both School Years groups with Alina Petrisan who leads our gym and dance club. SCottish DanceThe children had the opportunity to learn a specific Scottish dance while having fun, interacting with each other and learning more about Sottish symbols.  It was an interactive and energetic way to learn more about this special country and its customs!

SCottish Dance

Early in the morning children were welcomed by the sounds of bagpipes and Scottish music and later on they celebrated this special day by listening to Scottish music, stories about the Loch Ness Monster, talking about Scottish symbols such as tartan, bagpipes, thistle and the flag.  In creative activities the children painted the national flag of Scotland, made their own tartan display and painted on a drum that they made, to the rhythm of Scottish music; some of the children came wearing tartan too! scottish day

Poiana: The children created their own “highland gathering” by throwing foam balls and had a blue day – playing with blue play dough, water, shaving foam and spaghetti to reflect the colours of the Scottish flag.