Education is the power to think clearly, the power to act well in the world’s work, and the power to appreciate life, as Brigham Young used to say.

We appreciate and support educational projects, so Radu Manolescu, the founder of Asociatia pentru Valori in Educatie, was Early Explorers special guest for their weekly story teller time. Radu Manolescu_AVE

He told the children that he helps people to be happy, to achieve their aims and to be fulfilled and that if you are kind to other people, they will be kind to you too. Radu read the story “Superworm” and afterwards, Early Explorers were keen to ask questions related to the story and more besides: what is Radu’s job, if he used to have pets when he was a child, and what’s his favourite food. Radu Manolescu_AVE

Before leaving, all the children wanted to show him how super strong they are, like Superworm! Thank you Radu for this lovely story time!