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Acorns Aviatiei Christmas Party

Our event started with both children and parents enjoying a party snack and had the chance to spread Christmas cheer.

Next, the children and parents enjoyed Christmas related activities: they decorated Christmas trees with a selection of glitter and sparkling resources, they made their own Santa masks, they danced to jolly Christmas music and sang special […]

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Baby Acorns Christmas Party

Children and parents enjoyed a wonderful party in the nursery which began with a special Christmas party snack and then continued with festive activities. The children and their guests enjoyed physical games such as throwing balls into a cut out tree, dancing with balls, ribbons and pom-poms, playing with pretend snow or red and green […]

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Shiny Stars Christmas Party

“A Tale of a Shiny Christmas” was the name of the story that the children prepared for their parents. Shiny Stars had to convince a grumpy little princess to love Christmas!

They sung and danced to  their favorite songs and had  fun pretending to be penguins, reindeer, snowflakes and bells, telling everyone why they love Christmas! The […]

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School Years’ Magic of Christmas Show

Rainbows and Early Explorers Christmas Show was a lovely occasion to help us discover The Magic of Christmas, to realize it doesn’t require presents, snow, church, trees or even the English Language!

Together with children in School Years we enjoyed a Christmas atmosphere and discovered how Christmas is celebrated around the world, how people get ready […]

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Acorns Aviatiei Christmas Preparation

In Acorns Aviatiei, the children enjoyed a festive atmosphere with lots of music and Christmas related activities. We started off our Christmas season by decorating our Christmas tree together with parents and children, and turning on the Christmas lights. Throughout the month the teachers prepared a collection of festive activities, designed to keep the children […]

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Early Explorers are waiting for Father Christmas

Early Explorers began preparing for Christmas by learning about the story of St Nicholas (who is believed to be the same as Santa Claus in some countries) and talking about how December is a special month for giving and receiving – not just about presents but about giving kindness, our time, our attention to others […]

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Rainbows and the Magic of Christmas

Rainbows began December by revising the names of the seasons and the colours, sounds, weather associated with each one. They read the story “Froggy gets dressed” about a frog that gets ready to go out in the snow.

We watched clips about frogs hibernating and talked about other animals that go to sleep during winter time. […]

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Shiny Stars love Christmas

Shiny Stars listened to winter and Christmas stories such as Peppa’s Christmas, Froggy’s best Christmas, Pooh’s Christmas Adventure. They decorated the Christmas tree, choosing their favorite decorations while talking about why we give and receive presents, what kindness is and how it makes us feel.

The children had fun dancing – pretending to be penguins, numbered snowflakes […]

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Baby Acorns are Ready for Christmas

Baby Acorns started December by singing songs such as “Jingle bells”, “Decorate the Christmas tree”, “S-a-n-t-a”, “Hello reindeer”.

They practiced related vocabulary and signs, and they were introduced to the Christmas theme by looking at the books “Peppa’s Christmas” and “Little Duck’s first Christmas”. The children explored Christmas tree decorations, they talked about their colours and […]

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(Română) Cea mai mare investiţie trebuie să se facă în pregătirea personalului educaţional

Sorry, this entry is only available in Română.

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